Brief Space of a Time (Online Screening)

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University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies


Brief Space of a Time

Fernando Antonio Saldivia Yáñez
Chicago, IL | 2023 | 89 | DCP
North American Premiere

The daily life of the filmmaker’s aunt and uncle, Mireya and Emardo, an indigenous Mapuche couple living in their ancestral land, the Wallmapu. Providing an intimate observation of the everyday, Brief Space of a Time highlights the Mapuche’s poetic and peaceful rhythms of life.


presented with short in competition


Sandra Ignagni

Monaco | 2023 | 20 | DCP
North American Premiere

A filmmaker searches for the eight winds of the Mediterranean on the island of Corsica. Using found footage and employing 16mm hand-processing experiments that attempt to expose its ethereal subject, the film brings audiences to abandoned churches, cemeteries, and ravaged beaches in its quest to find meaning in that which is invisible and has neither source nor end.