Films in Competition 3 (Online Screening)

  • The Sketch
  • Ele of the Dark
  • Dildotectonics
  • Remember, Broken Crayons Color Too

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Adams Street Publishing

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U-M Spectrum Center

The Sketch

Tomas Cali
Paris, France | 2023 | 9 | DCP
North American Premiere

I learn to speak French and by doing so, to sculpt my reality. In an artist’s studio in Paris, I meet Linda Demorrir, a living model. Like me, she is transgender and an immigrant. When she speaks, moves, sees the world, I am fascinated. As I draft her outlines, it is myself also that I learn to draw in this new country.


Ele of the Dark

Yace Sula

Philadelphia, PA | 2022 | 13 | DCP

A nonbinary visual artist contemplates their relationship with darkness and its hold on their complexion, trauma, and queerness.



Tomás Paula Marques

Vienna, Austria | 2022 | 8 | DCP

In the present day, Rebeca attempts to create a collection of non-phallic ceramic dildos. During the Inquisition, Josefa finds a dildo that is used in their forbidden love relationship with Maria. Although in different timelines, the paths of Rebeca and Josefa end up crossing each other.


Remember, Broken Crayons Colour Too

Ursa Kastelic & Shannet Clemmings

Zürich, Switzerland | 2023 | 14 | DCP
United States Premiere

Shannet’s voice echoes in the darkness. She is lost. The night scenery of a modern city opens up. She remembers it was a sunny summer day. As she wanders the empty streets, memories begin to haunt her. The cold concrete and a threatening stream of thoughts pull Shannet into an endless tunnel. Trapped in the horrifying reminiscences, she hears the noise transform into music. She is playing the violin; she is alive. It is a sunny summer day. Shannet finds herself in front of a motionless carousel, waiting. She smiles as her friends join her. Together with them, Shannet stands still in silence.