Films in Competition 6 (Online Screening)

  • Zerzura
  • Immaculate Generations no. 1
  • Inside Outside
  • Oxygen
  • The Newest Olds
  • Zoey

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Michigan Psychoanalytic Society

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Laurence Favre
Geneva, Switzerland | 2023 | 11 | 16mm

An immersion in the desert with a Bolex and some questions… How do we perceive “nature”? Is it a “thing” to which we, humans, are external? Or are we all part of a mesh without center or periphery? Can film help us to perceive nature not as a thing, but as a living entity endowed with sensitivity and agency?


Immaculate Generations No. 1

Vito A. Rowlands
Brooklyn, NY | 2022 | 11 | 16mm
United States Premiere
If the eyes are the window to the soul, Immaculate Generations No. 1 presents its viewer with a singular look into thousands of souls. Equal parts Carl Sagan and William Blake, this flicker film is composed of tens of thousands of individual retinal photographs from public databases. Animated between 12 and 24 frames per second, they make for a dazzling rush into the maelstrom of life as we perceive it. Every retinal exposure is a galaxy, replete with its own sun, star-studded clouds, and light refracted through time and space.


Inside Outside

Hanna Chetwin
Castlemaine, Australia | 2023 | 8 | 16mm

North American Premiere

A self-portrait during pregnancy, documenting physical changes while imagining the world outside as seen in utero.


Karel Doing
Oxford & Oxfordshire, UK | 2023 | 6 | 16mm

Blades of grass are racing across the screen.

The Newest Olds
Pablo Mazzolo
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2022 | 15 | 35mm
World Premiere
The Newest Olds transforms Detroit’s iconic cityscapes, dislodging buildings from their foundations and collapsing the physical, political, and sensory boundaries between Canada and the United States through alchemical, in-camera, and optical printing techniques.


Gabriel Achilles Bellone
Providence, RI | 2023 | 10 | 16mm with live soundtrack accompaniment

Warning: Explicit content (unsimulated sexual content, simulated violence).

Man of Aral

Helena Gouveia Monteiro
Dublin, Ireland | 2023 | 7 | 16mm
In Man of Aral,  a digital time lapse sequence of satellite images of the disappearing Sea of Aral in Central Asia shows the gradual decrease in water levels and how the landscape has been transformed by  human activity. These images, transferred onto 16mm film, were chemically manipulated by hand with color tints and toners. The result is a unique hybrid visual object—both digital and analog.