Films in Competition 12 (Online Screening)

  • Sisters
  • no more room in hell
  • Poppies Will Put Them To Sleep
  • Chastity Boys Noize & Pussy Riot feat. Alice Glass
  • Matta and Matto
  • Xiuhtecuhtli
  • Loving In Between

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Marisa Hoicka
Toronto, ON, Canada | 2022 | 2 | DCP
United States Premiere

Sisters run wild when an incident unveils how their paths will diverge. This ethereal film, created using archival footage, composes a fresh narrative that eerily subverts expectations..

no more room in hell

Rebecca Shapass
Pittsburgh, PA | 2023 | 23 | DCP
World Premiere

Reanimating text culled from the archive of horror director George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead), no more room in hell takes a reflexive, nonlinear approach to zombie apocalypse narratives to consider the American cinematic zombie in relation to the place of its birth: Pittsburgh. Riffing on familiar living-dead themes of material transformation and suspended decay, the film examines zombiehood by considering how shifts in industry impact the ways humans consume the world around them. 

Poppies Will Put Them to Sleep

Jeffrey Steven Moser
Morgantown, WV | 2022 | 4 | digital file

The world of Oz is filled with many spheres—from crystal balls and floating orbs to the great cranial dome of the Wizard and his hot air balloon. This appropriated sequence from The Wizard of Oz has been transformed from a two-dimensional projection onto a three-dimensional sphere. The topography of the planetoid is created by the fluctuating brightness levels of individual pixels—the brighter the image, the higher the surface, distorting and obstructing the image as it is rotated around its axis. The alternating pattern of recognizable, iconic imagery and abstract, sculptural form creates a new kind of stellar object, hanging in open space. The scene, in which Dorothy and the gang run across a poppy field only to be drugged by the Wicked Witch, becomes a Christmas ornament or a snow globe, slowly spinning in celebration of the film. The rippling surface of the floating orb is created as the camera and its subjects move across the frame.

Boys Noize & Pussy Riot - "Chastity" feat. Alice Glass

Lil Internet & TRLLM (K8 Howl & Jak Ritger)
Allston MA / Berlin,Germany | 2023 | 3 | digital file
United States Premiere

Hi-nrg techno brings AI dominatrix to life. Follow the rules and do exactly as I say.

Matta and Matto

Bianca Caderas & Kerstin Zemp
Basel & Bern, Switzerland | 2023 | 10 | DCP
North American Premiere

In a dystopian world where touch is forbidden, Matta and Matto offer refuge to the lonely at Hotel Vaip. In the deceptive labyrinth of mind-bending rooms at their transient hotel, deepest desires are fulfilled and surpassed—but this comes at a price.

Colectivo Los Ingrávidos
Tehuacán, México | 2023 | 16 | DCP
North American Premiere

This is a rhythmic invocation of the ancestral fire, in which dazzling flames reanimate bones and natural elements. This is the shining of color.

Loving In Between

Jyoti Mistry
Malmo, Sweden | 2023 | 18 | DCP
United States Premiere

Between birth and death is the power to love and live. Political rules, religious orders, social norms, and cultural taboos control who we love and how we love. The right to love is controlled and regulated by how we live. But the erotic has the power to emancipate. With spoken word and archive sources, love is unboxed from categories, through queer expression and through a celebration of eros as the power to change our attitudes to life and to allow others to live their lives without judgment or prejudice.