Bad Actor


The Main 4 Fri, Apr 19 1:50 PM
The Main 4 Thu, Apr 25 4:30 PM
Film Info
Original Title:Un actor malo
Festival Programs:Breakthrough
Cine Latino
Release Year:2023
Runtime:129 min
Print Source:Goodfellas
Latino / Latin American Cultures
Director:Jorge Cuchí
Producer:Jorge Cuchí
Hari Sama
Yair Ponce
Verónica Valadez
Cinematographer:José Casillas
Screenwriter:Jorge Cuchí
Editor:Jorge Cuchí
Víctor González Fuentes
Principal Cast:Alfonso Dosal
Fiona Palomo
Gerardo Trejoluna
Juan Pablo de Santiago
Karla Coronado


Conversation with Intimacy Coordinator Beth Pacunas follows 4/25 screening.

It’s the dream of a lifetime–Sandra and Daniel are burgeoning actors making a film with a top-shelf director. But when they begin an intimate scene and Daniel crosses a line, no one will ever be the same.

Sandra and Daniel are friends and colleagues, proud of their acting achievements and electrified by the potential of the current production. A casual conversation about their upcoming sex scene barely registers with Sandra until shooting, when things spiral out of control in taut a he-said-she-said chain of events. Actors Fiona Palomo (Sandra) and Alfonso Dosal (Daniel) carry the weight of this intense thriller, and director Jorge Cuchí’s earnest examination of the #MeToo era plunges into controversy with a fierce intelligence that has been garnering attention at festivals around the globe.

“[A]n ever-tightening chokehold of a film, both an uncomfortable exploration of consent and sexual misconduct and an indictment of mob justice in the face of social media.” –Wendy Ide, Screen International

Content advisory: themes of sexual abuse