Love is a Gun


The Main 4 Fri, Apr 19 9:40 PM
The Main 4 Tue, Apr 23 7:00 PM
Film Info
Original Title:?????
Festival Programs:Breakthrough
Release Year:2023
Runtime:81 min
Hong Kong
Mandarin Chinese
Print Source:Parallax Films
Tags:Asian Frontiers
Director:Lee Hong-Chi
Producer:Shan Zuolong; Liao Che-I
Co-Producer:Li Xiaoyuan; Andy An
Cinematographer:Zhu Ying Rong
Screenwriter:Lee Hong-Chi
Lin Cheng Hsun
Editor:Qin Yanan
Composer:Bruce Su
Principal Cast:Lee Hong-Chi
Lin Ying Wei
Zheng Qing Yu
Lin Ke Ren
Lee Yu Yao
Edison Song


US Premiere

Sweet Potato is doing his best to rehabilitate–working in a small shop by the sea, laying low and trying to go straight after a stint in prison. When his old crime boss wants him back, he’s not going to run, but fight.

All Sweet Potato wants is some peace–he paid his dues behind bars, and he wants to move on. Now he’s content with his faceless job and faceless house and faceless existence by the sea. But the criminal life is not so easy to leave behind, especially when he needs money and his old friend is offering him work that’s not too different from what he was doing before he went to jail. Frustrated, with gun in hand, Sweet Potato is ready and willing to bring an end to the whole sorry mess. Actor turned director Lee Hong-Chi helms Love is a Gun with plenty of nods to the triad genre of Hong Kong cinema and the confidence of a seasoned professional.

“A succinctly realised and eminently promising first feature.” –John Berra, Screen International

Content advisory: violence