The Gospel of the Beast


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Film Info
Premiere Status:North American Premiere
Festival Programs:Expanded Horizons
Release Year:2023
Runtime:85 min
Language:Filipino (Hiligaynon)
Print Source:Diversion
Tags:Asian Frontiers
Director:Sheron Dayoc
Executive Producer:Bridget Ting
Kelvin Ting
Sheron Dayoc
Producer:Sheron Dayoc
Sonny Calvento
Arden Rod Condez
Co-Producer:Weijie Lai
Cinematographer:Rommel Andreo Sales
Screenwriter:Sheron Dayoc
Jeko Aguado
Editor:Lawrence Ang
Composer:Len Calvo
Principal Cast:Jansen Magpusao
Ronnie Lazaro
Nathan Sotto
John Renz Javier


North American Premiere

Mateo is a Filipino teenager failing high school. With his father missing, he relies on the paternal protection of his Uncle Berto, a local gang leader. When Mateo runs out of options and needs to leave town, he finally turns to his Uncle, accepting a seemingly inevitable life of violence.

The Philippines are no place for a sensitive teenager. Mateo works in a slaughterhouse and tries to keep up in school, to no avail. When his father goes missing, he is devastated emotionally, but he’s also a little lost in navigating life by himself. Mateo turns to his uncle, who welcomes the young man into the fold, where he’ll school the boy on the finer points of drug dealing, extortion, robbery and, eventually murder.

Content advisory: violence