Nextwave Youth Media Showcase


The Main 1 Sun, Apr 14 2:00 PM
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Festival Programs:Shorts
MN Made
Nextwave Youth Media Showcase
Runtime:60 min
MN Made
Women Directors
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Celebrate the creative talents and powerful voices of high school youth in our community. Presented in partnership with the Twin Cities Youth Media Network, this shorts program represents young artists involved with In Progress, MIGIZI, Perpich Center for Arts Education, SPEAK MPLS, and Studio Thirteen at FilmNorth. Participating students will be in attendance. The screening is followed by a reception with opportunities to meet peers and mentors interested in film and to learn more about local media arts resources.

Bring Her Home by LaKaylee Wind Kingbird

A personal video created for the artist’s sister, Nevaeh Kingbird, in the continuing effort to keep her story visible and bring her home.

I Will Find You Azraya by Belen Dominguez-Adan

A short video profile of a young girl named Azraya and a promise to find her.

Donna Marie Larrabee by Kaya Spears

A tribute to a young Missing Indigenous woman, Donna Marie Larrabee, and the impact of her absence.

I Will Find You by Nova

A spoken word piece expresses deep care for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives.

Her Eyes Spoke by Mariam Elias and Marylove Ogunro

A young Black girl searches for herself, scrolling through media and challenging the reflections she finds.

Darkroom by Willow Bullen

Life slows down as a young artist finds peace through her passion for darkroom photography

Reconcile by Poppy Jones

Two friends in an argument find their way back to each other.

A 12-Year-Old Mistakenly Outs Themself with a Bad Pun by Marigny Adelman

An animated short about what happens when a middle schooler scribbles a pun about being queer and their mother finds it, based on a true story.

Black in Blue by Braylyne Blakey, Dior Gregory, and Alex Bowers

Black women in the police force share their unique perspectives and experiences, shedding light on their journeys, challenges, and contributions.

A Post-Pandemic Metro by Felix Svatek-Pine and Mateo Ellens

A Metro Transit employee and a daily commuter express their views on the public transit system after the pandemic and the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

The Short Film by Jayden Jose De Alba

A young filmmaker struggles against the monotony of day-to-day life.

Warmest Night by Ella Hahler

A family celebrates the Winter Solstice, sharing traditions and warmth on the longest night of the year.

Truth Is by Jayden Jose De Alba

Upon learning about the disappearance of the school's golden boy Noah Baker, the new girl in town follows her intuition to uncover the truth.

The Twin Cities Youth Media Network is a community of youth-serving organizations and mentors fostering impactful creative development opportunities for youth to amplify narratives through media.