HEAT WAVE: Blue Velvet (4K Restoration)


Revue Cinema Wed, Jul 17 7:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1986
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:David Lynch
Cast:Kyle MacLachlan
Isabella Rossellini
Laura Dern
Dennis Hopper
Hope Lange


The films are hot, but the Revue’s AC will be cranked for the ten films in this summer’s Heat Wave lineup.


Heat Wave at the Revue Cinema, a lineup of the greatest summer movies ever made, continues on July 17th with David Lynch's BLUE VELVET with an introduction by HOLD UP curator, ALICE ROSE!

A meditation on the cool summer nights that invite beetles and worms to seep through the pores of American suburbia, BLUE VELVET follows a naive young man as he unfolds a vast criminal conspiracy. A film noir tale, told with David Lynch's signature dreamlike surrealism, BLUE VELVET is a wild ride through middle America with the windows down and the radio blaring the frenetic noise between frequencies. 
No better film captures the derealization of coming home from college quite like BLUE VELVET. As the programmer for HOLD UP!, I wanted to choose a film for Heat Wave this year that captured the feeling of summer as more than interstitial time between school years -  distantiated walks through once familiar neighbourhoods; the seemingly endless twilight hours that bled into electric nights; the knees we scraped in strip mall parking lots; the leeches that clung to our bodies when we swam by moonlight. Summer nights are the domain of vicious scavengers following the scent of blood by cover of night, insects turning the earth to feast on discarded flesh, and BLUE VELVET reminds us that we are among the nocturnal beasts of summer. (ALICE ROSE)