Heat Wave: LITTLE DARLINGS (1980)


Revue Cinema Wed, Aug 7 6:45 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1980
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ronald F. Maxwell
Cast:Tatum O'Neal
Kristy McNichol
Armand Assante
Matt Dillon
Margaret Blye


The films are hot, but the Revue’s AC will be cranked for the ten films in this summer’s Heat Wave lineup.


Heat Wave at the Revue Cinema, a lineup of the greatest summer movies ever made, continues on August 7th with the sweaty summer masterpiece LITTLE DARLINGS with an introduction by Silent Revue curator, ALICIA FLETCHER! 


A film that understands the hormonal free-for-all that is summer camp set amidst early teenage hijinks, LITTLE DARLINGS is a steamy, sweaty, summer masterpiece. A veritable handbook on the complication, heartbreak and at times hilarity of a fraught period within adolescence, the R-rated LITTLE DARLINGS was celebrated in the initial years after its release but fell out of circulation due complications surrounding its soundtrack’s music rights. Underseen and undervalued for decades, it’s a film currently undergoing a major re-assessment, with its rebelliousness, once again celebrated. 


Written by Kimi Peck and Dalene Young, LITTLE DARLINGS stars former child superstars Tatum O’Neal and Kristy McNichol (both playing against type) as warring summer camp attendees, pitted against each other in a race to lose their virginities. Frank, yet hilarious, heartwarming, yet brutal in its depiction of sexual peer pressure, LITTLE DARLINGS is an unqualified coming-of-age masterpiece and a somewhat corrective, feminist antidote to films like MEATBALLS and FRIDAY THE 13th. (ALICIA FLETCHER) 


Why: LITTLE DARLINGS understand how summers during adolescence are punctuated by hormonal freakouts, and yet is never exploitative. Re: girls hotwiring a school bus to steal hundreds of condoms from a rest stop bathroom.