Dumpster Raccoon: NIGHTBREED: The Director's Cut


Revue Cinema Sat, May 25 9:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1990
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Clive Barker
Cast:Craig Sheffer
Anne Bobby
Charles Haid
Hugh Quarshie
Hugh Ross


From the twisted mind of queer horror genius CLIVE BARKER (in a restored DIRECTOR’S CUT!) comes a delirious descent into the supernatural demimonde with forgotten dark fantasia (and not-so-subtle queer allegory), NIGHTBREED (1990)!

Aaron Boone dreams of Midian – a strange goblin market where weirdness is the norm and monstrosity reigns. Unfortunately, he also dreams of committing a series of grisly murders which (worse and worse!) also come true. On the run as a hunted fugitive, he stumbles onto the society of his dreams (and most people’s nightmares) – and finds among the monsters, gargoyles, and freaks there acceptance, love, and a sense of peace. Then the screaming really starts. 



Failed abysmally by a marketing campaign that found the film’s lurid eye and bizarre production design off-putting and upsetting, Clive Barker’s ecstatic vision languished for years – until a recent find of lost footage allowed him to reconstruct his original vision, and a new generation fell in weird love with NIGHTBREED’s unsettling hymn to radical queer acceptance and underground punk subculture. 


With video preshow, host Anthony Oliveira, live performance, and cocktails by the Shameful Tiki Room!