Special Event: SHOWGIRLS - Presented on 35mm!


Revue Cinema Mon, Jun 24 9:30 PM
Revue Cinema Tue, Jun 25 9:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1995
Production Country:France
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Paul Verhoeven
Cast:Elizabeth Berkley
Gina Gershon
Kyle MacLachlan
Gina Ravera
Glenn Plummer
Screenwriter:Joe Eszterhas


Presented on 35mm! 


You asked for it and we delivered! Due to many requests, we are bringing SHOWGIRLS back to The Revue! Enjoy this campy cult movie on 35mm! 


Fresh to Las Vegas with no connections, Nomi Malone takes a job as an exotic dancer. Her talents are quickly noticed by Cristal, a headlining dancer who senses an opportunity to bolster her own act. But Nomi won’t play second fiddle and soon begins her venomous path to the top, ruthlessly backstabbing anyone who gets in her way.


Content Warning: 

This film contains several explicit sexual scenes and a graphic and violent scene of sexual assault in the third act. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.