MSPIFF43 Somali Shorts Showcase


The Main 1 Sat, Apr 27 9:45 PM
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Festival Programs:Shorts
MN Made
Best of Fest
Runtime:92 min
Tags:MN Made
Best of Fest


Best of Fest

MSPIFF Somali Shorts Showcase

Films are listed here in screening order.

Directed by Markus Hoeckner. United States. 2023. 15 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
Amidst a global exodus from earth, two brothers must confront their differences about leaving their home forever.

Not for Us
Directed by Praneet Akilla. Canada. 13 min. Fiction Short.
Three Somali sisters go against their parent’s wishes, and embark on their first camping trip in the middle of nowhere. Unprepared and ill-equipped, they have no idea what awaits them deep in the forest.

Directed by Yasmin Yassin. United States. 2023. 19 min. Documentary Short. MN Made.

Mohamoud holds the knowledge of traditional East African dances and is passing it along to young Somali Americans.

Sisterhood Softball
Directed by Farhiya Ahmed. Canada. 2023. 8 min. Documentary Short.
The members of an all-female Muslim softball league are often seen as disempowered by those outside of their communities, but are they?

Directed by Mohammed Sheikh. United States. 2024. 29 min. Fiction Short. MN Made.
A talented musician, yearns to pursue his passion for music, much to the disappointment of his father, who values practicality over artistic aspirations.

Directed by Warda Mohamed. United Kingdom. 19. Fiction Short.
British-Somali teen Muna (Kosar Ali) is desperate to go on the school trip - to have fun with her mates, escape the monotony of her household and, of course, provide the greatest playlist of all time (!!). But her parents aren't so sure.