Don't Be So Political: THE FISHER KING (1991)


Revue Cinema Sun, Aug 11 7:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1991
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Terry Gilliam
Cast:Robin Williams
Jeff Bridges
Amanda Plummer
Mercedes Ruehl
Michael Jeter
Screenwriter:Richard LaGravenese


Part of ‘Don’t Be So Political’, a political film series showing one Sunday night a month. 


“Some billionaire’s got the Holy Grail in his library on fifth avenue.”  


A disgraced radio DJ and a homeless man endeavour to find the Holy Grail in New York City along with their own salvation.  


There around roughly 10,000 unhoused people living in Toronto, 75% of whom struggle with a  mental illness. Shelters are full, subsidized housing has a years long waitlist, rent relief applications  doubled in two years, and last year, the city of Toronto declared homelessness an emergency. The  Fisher King approaches Parry (Robin Williams) with humanity, providing identity to the faceless  thousands that we so often ignore. Jack (Jeff Bridges) must reckon with the consequences of his on air persona in a prescient foretelling of our contemporary media’s ability to radicalize its inundated  consumers. Winner of one Oscar and nominee of four, Terry Gilliam’s whimsical and warming tale  explores the redemption found in grief and guilty and selflessness.  


Robin Williams was a lifelong activist for the homeless and his Comic Relief TV Specials raised over $80 million during their run.  (ZACH WORTZMAN) 


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