Throwback Cinema: THE SECRET OF NIMH (1982)


Revue Cinema Sat, Jul 6 4:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1982
Science Fiction
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Don Bluth
Cast:Derek Jacobi
Elizabeth Hartman
Arthur Malet
Dom DeLuise
Hermione Baddeley


Mrs. Frisby is a just an ordinary field mouse trying to raise her family by herself after the death of her husband when Timmy, her youngest son, becomes very ill. The diagnosis is pneumonia, and the treatment is bed rest, but the spring thaw has come early: Farmer Fitzgibbon's plow threatens to destroy their house at any moment, and Timmy would not survive the journey to their summer home. Frantic, Mrs. Frisby seeks out the wise animals of the farm and wild wood for help, and is told to seek out the mysterious rats that live in the rose bush. What could these Rats of NIMH, who shun other animals and can read, do to save Mrs. Frisby's family, and what is NIMH? The first motion picture directed by Don Bluth, The Secret of NIMH is a thrilling adventure story with a twist: the hero is the mother, and her courage and love for her children drives the plot. Don't miss your chance to see this iconic animated film on the big screen this summer!