Limo Ride

limo ride.jpg


New People Cinema Sun, Dec 7, 2014 9:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Gideon Kennedy
Marcus Rosentrater
Running Time:84
Year of Release:2014


Ten friends tell the unbelievable true story of the New Year none of them would forget – when they hired a limousine at 4am to take them to the beach for the Polar Bear dip. The greatest bar story ever told meets experimental form in the debut feature-length docu-comedy by filmmakers Marcus Rosentrater (from “Archer”) and Gideon C. Kennedy.

After working all New Year’s Eve in bars and bands, ten friends in Mobile, Alabama meet for their annual tradition – running naked into the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida – Alabama line. When they hire the only limousine service to answer at 4AM, their old custom takes a new turn and veers down a dark path.

Sunrise to sunrise, the ride doesn’t end until they scare children, piss off the band, threaten a news crew, tongue a grandma, fuck in public, snort coke, drink drink drink, pick up a crackhead, start a brawl, lose drugs, lose a phone, sunglasses, and clothes; get lost, ask for a black eye, aim for a gold tooth, duck shotguns, dodge hounds, buy slippers from a backwoods resident, meet a luchador in a trailer, hoard drugs, break into a trailer and spoon for warmth, bum the sheriff’s last cigarette, and light a fire in the middle of a dirt road.

Stripped, separated, and stranded in the freezing night, they are left to ask themselves: How far will the bonds of friendship stretch before they snap?

LIMO RIDE is a true tale told by those who lived it, ten Southern raconteurs as practiced in spinning great yarns as they are in hard living. The storytellers’ knack for exaggeration, the passage of time and mind-altering drugs guarantee excitement. Insightful contradictions along with unreliable support weave a modern myth that falls not just into the South’s tradition of oral history, but into the mythological traditions of any barroom, any campfire, any time, everywhere.