ASTROLOGER Still 2.jpg


New People Cinema Tue, Dec 9, 2014 9:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Craig Denny
Running Time:77
Year of Release:1975


BAY AREA PREMIERE! THE ONLY KNOWN 35mm PRINT ON EARTH! SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT at the San Francisco International Film Festival, 1986. THERE WILL BE BLOOD at the Castro, 2007. Abel Gance’s triple-screen NAPOLEON at the Paramount, 2012. All of these so-called “epic” Bay Area screenings dwarf in comparison to what you will experience when Craig Denny’s 1975 opus THE ASTROLOGER lights up the screen of the New People Cinema for seventy seven psychotic minutes.

Discovered amongst literally one thousand 35mm prints collected from a closed drive-in by our friends at the American Genre Film Archive, THE ASTROLOGER is the story of one man’s rise from carnival huckster to international diamond smuggler to autobiographical filmmaker – and that’s only in the first fucking reel. From janky yachts in “Tahiti” to saggy titted dive bars deep in the San Fernando Valley, from white-knuckle snake fighting to slow-motion food fights set to the Moody Blues, you have never seen anything like this howling missive of maximum 70s private press smugcore. Written, Directed and Starring Craig Denny. 1975. 35mm. 77 mins.