Never Silent! Volume 1: Vinyl Screams: Nosferatu 35mm (original B/W Silent film from 1922)

nosferatu2 (1).jpg


New People Cinema Sat, Dec 13, 2014 9:00 PM
Film Info
Director:F.W. Murrau
Running Time:100
Year of Release:1922


This event will be held at the new people cinema Saturday December 13th 9pm. Tickets for this event will be $20

“F.W. Marnau’s expressionist silent horror masterpiece will be shown with a live score performed by San Francisco musician and DJ Tasho Nicolopulos (Its Own Infinite Flower, Hostile Ambient Takeover) using only horror movie soundtrack vinyl records. From dissonant to demonic synthesizers the rich musical legacy of the horror film will be celebrated by contecting one of the genre’s original treasures with its unique sonic legacy.”