A Girl, A Cat, A Bomb

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Short Block 4
New People Cinema Sun, Dec 7, 2014 1:00 PM
1.The Confessional 2.Hush 3.Enceinte 4.Girl, A Cat, A bomb 5.The Wrong Priest 6.A Peaceful Man 7.What are you doing that for
Film Info
Director:Laura Maxfield
Running Time:11
Year of Release:2014


On a sunny winter morning a young, single, Brooklyn woman goes about her daily routine; checking email, the Internet, and entertaining her cat. A strange noise draws her to the window. She pulls back the curtain revealing a huge mushroom cloud blooming over Manhattan. In a panic she grabs her cat and scrambles into her tub where she promptly passes out. When she awakens the world is in chaos sirens wail, people scream, and fires burn. Paralyzed by her fear of the world outside her window the girl barricades herself in her apartment as city falls apart. Alone with only her cat for company days pass and cabin fever sets in as the city quiets. When the food runs out and she starts showing symptoms of radiation poisoning she realizes she must make a decision. Stay and suffer, or venture out of the apartment into the unknown new world.