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Short Block 4
New People Cinema Sun, Dec 7, 2014 1:00 PM
1.The Confessional 2.Hush 3.Enceinte 4.Girl, A Cat, A bomb 5.The Wrong Priest 6.A Peaceful Man 7.What are you doing that for
Film Info
Director:Ariel Sineinikoff
Running Time:10
Year of Release:2014


Enceinte is a horror film about Mary, an 18-year-old who has dreamt of escaping her oppressive Papa’s cabin her whole life in order to pursue an education. However, after a failed escape attempt, she finds her situation even more hopeless. She begins to have visions of herself as the centerpiece of an invasive ritual, waking up the next morning to find herself pregnant with what Papa tells her is the son of God. Not ready to bring a child into the oppressive environment she herself grew up in and knowing that the conception of the baby was corrupt, she must find a way to escape Papa, her house, and the the child that is growing inside of her.