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Directors & Producers: In the Ring

Directors and Producers must work together, find common ground, and lead their teams on to success. How do creative differences, financial dilemmas, communication skills and artistic vision find a way to be managed? Hear directors and producers from this year’s films share their stories from the trenches of filmmaking.
Sat, Mar 23 12:30 PM
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Social Media: A Filmmaker's New Best Friend

In today’s environment your film is nowhere without social media, marketing and strategy. Learn about selling yourself as storyteller, building your audience and selling your brand through social media. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are just the beginning of getting to the business of the business.
Fri, Mar 22 12:00 PM
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The Essentials: Choosing your Production Team

Without talented key players such as cinematographers/DP’s, editors and casting directors, it is impossible for a filmmaker to realize their vision. The power of collaboration with these key partners should not be underestimated. They are the wingmen and wingwomen of the director. Meet some of the essential team members who bring the dream to life.
Fri, Mar 22 3:00 PM
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Voices of Women in Film

People are finally paying attention to women in cinema. What does this mean for the industry and for storytelling in a visual medium? Do women tell their stories differently than men? How will the landscape of filmmaking change going forward? Hear from key players in the field and join in the discussion.
Sun, Mar 24 12:30 PM
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What's Up, Doc?

The documentary today represents an abundance of storytelling and cinema styles, forcing the filmmaker to navigate between observational, hybrid, and personal approaches, or unfolding drama in high tension journalistic truth seeking. Where does your concept fall and how do you maximize your storytelling?
Fri, Mar 22 10:30 AM
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Writing for the Screen(s)

What you need to know about writing for all size screens. Is writing with a partner more challenging or easier to manage? Is creating original material more saleable or is adapting from other sources the way to go? What is the difference between writing for an indie film or for something more commercial?
Fri, Mar 22 1:30 PM
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