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Local Shorts

From Washington DC to Ellicott City; from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore: these films showcase the local homegrown talent of this region.
Sun, Mar 24 12:30 PM
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Shorts Program #1: For the Money

A stolen wallet, a poker chip, a coin toss, a bail bond, a wedding dowry, a valuable product, a pay raise…Money is not the only currency being exchanged when trust, dignity and votes are on the line.
Fri, Mar 22 10:00 AM
Sat, Mar 23 12:15 PM
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Shorts Program #2: For the Show

From on-stage impersonations to real-life personas, these performers play the part but show their true nature when the spotlight shines on them.
Fri, Mar 22 12:30 PM
Sat, Mar 23 5:00 PM
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Shorts Program #3: Get Ready

False alarms, true emergencies, perceived threats and pressing deadlines force these characters into moments of truth and self-revelation.
Fri, Mar 22 3:00 PM
Sat, Mar 23 7:45 PM
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Shorts Program #4: Let's Go

From the dawn of childhood to the twilight years, these protagonists go on unexpected journeys with tragic, triumphant, or liberating results.
Fri, Mar 22 8:30 PM
Sun, Mar 24 3:00 PM
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Shorts Challenge

Sat, Mar 23 10:30 AM
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Student Shorts

From as far away as China to as near as Annapolis, these student filmmakers display their talents through various genres from comedy to drama to fantasy and sci-fi.
Sun, Mar 24 10:00 AM
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