Saturday April 27 2019

Property is No Longer a Theft (La proprietá non é più un furto)

Sat, Apr 27 10:00 AM (127 min)
In the early 1970s, the revolutionary Red Brigade waged its terrifying campaign to bring down Italy through kidnappings, murders, and bank robberies. Elio Petri made this proto-giallo, Brechtian satire about a neurotic bank clerk (Bucci) who commits to a Marxist life of thievery, choosing as his principal target a client known as The Butcher (Tognazzi).
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Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (La Tragedia di un Uomo Ridicolo)

Sat, Apr 27 12:45 PM (116 min)
Tognazzi gives the performance of his career as the impotent, “ridiculous” man in Bertolucci’s extraordinary late-period film, about the anguished relationship between a failing industrialist and his son, who is kidnapped by left-wing terrorists under mysterious circumstances.
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In the name of the Italian People (In Nome del popolo Italiano)

Sat, Apr 27 3:30 PM (102 min)
Set in early 1970s Rome, a city of rotting garbage and moral decay, this rarely screened piece of political buffoonery stars Vittorio Gassman as a vainglorious industrialist who would sooner commit his father to an insane asylum than face charges in the murder of a young girl. His foil, played by Ugo Tognazzi, is the cynically bemused magistrate bent on holding him accountable not only for this sordid crime, but for the venal sins of an entire populace.
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La Cage aux Folles (Birds of a Feather)

Sat, Apr 27 6:30 PM (97 min)
An international blockbuster that begat two sequels and a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, La Cage was adapted from Jean Poiret’s warm-and-winning stage farce about a pair of aging queens—Renato, owner of a scandalous St. Tropez nightclub (Tognazzi), and Albin (Serrault), his transvestite “roommate”—who, through a series of exquisitely timed comic set pieces, attempt to conceal their gay “lifestyle” from the ultraconservative soon-to-be in-laws of Renato’s son.
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The Big Feast Party

Sat, Apr 27 8:30 PM
Catering by C'era una Voilta restaurant
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La Grande Bouffe (The Big Feast)

Sat, Apr 27 10:00 PM (129 min)
A pilot (Marcello Mastroianni), a cook (Ugo Tognazzi), a TV star (Michel Piccoli) and a judge decide to gorge themselves to death on fine cuisine. Ferreri’s notorious orgy of Rabelaisian appetites brings together some of Europe’s greatest actors for a defiantly scatological Last Supper.
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