Friday December 05 2014

Bloody Knuckles

Fri, Dec 5, 2014 7:00 PM
Travis is the creator of Vulgarian Invasions, an underground comic that gleefully wallows in the obscene. Casually dismissing his detractors as pious censors, Travis finds himself in dangerous territory after his comic targets a shady Chinatown businessman named Leonard Fong. Mr. Fong does not take kindly to the offensive caricature of him and orders his goons to punish Travis by severing his drawing hand. Rattled to his core, Travis abandons his comic and retreats into a miserable, alcoholic existence. That is, until his hand returns from the grave. The hand urges Travis to resume Vulgarian Invasions but Travis refuses, fearing a deadly reprisal. The hand, however, will not relent and embarks on a perverse, byanymeansnecessary mission to rejuvenate Travis' once bold spirit.
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Fri, Dec 5, 2014 9:00 PM
A group of film students burn paper effigy cameras for the wandering spirits during the ghost month in Singapore and receive a collection of horror movies in return. The first film received, GHOST POOL LEG, revolves around Chinese superstition in which ghosts are believed to pull swimmers legs to drown them. The second movie, XIAO BAO BAO, focuses on a young woman's haunting experience after taking a postmortem photograph of a suicide jumper. The third movie, SKIN DEEP, finds a group of shoppers stuck in a mall elevator with a mysterious and beautiful woman who holds a terrible secret. The fourth film, REKINDLING, features a heartbroken hawker, a missing China bride, and the mysterious ring she left behind. The final film comes with a price.
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Blood Punch

Fri, Dec 5, 2014 11:00 PM
A young man finds himself drawn into a dangerous love triangle gone haywire. It's Groundhog Day meets Blood Simple. At least, that's the way the writer and director describe this well written and performed indie horror film. Don't let the fact that the writer and director are married and worked on Disney films (like Power Rangers) most of their career. Don't let the fact that the three main leads (two of THEM are married) are Power Rangers. No, really. Frickin' Power Rangers. It helps to have a good past working relationship with your crew/cast and this film's result is solid proof. The story is edgy, fun and smart. The plot plays out like a mystery/thriller and doesn't let you down in the end. It was a huge hit at the Austin Film Festival and won the audience award.
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