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14 Minutes From Earth - 560 x 315_thumb.jpg
On October 24th, 2014, 57-­year-old Google Executive Alan Eustace stepped into a spacesuit, attached himself to a football stadium sized balloon, and began a fourteen minute descent back to earth, breaking not only the sound barrier but also the world record for the highest flight and free fall of any human in history. Filmed under a cloak of secrecy and at times 135,000 feet in the stratosphere, this fantastic film is a roller coaster of ride of scientific innovations and humanity.-Jennifer Morris
Fri, Jun 10, 2016 6:45 PM
Thu, Jun 16, 2016 9:16 PM
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Abortion-Stories We Tell - 560 x 315_thumb.jpg
The US Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade gave every woman the right to have an abortion, but today abortion remains one of the most divisive issues, with each year seeing more restrictions.  This powerful film sheds new light on the contentious issue, with a focus not on the debate, but rather on the women themselves: those struggling with unplanned pregnancies, the providers who show up at clinics to give medical care, as well as the activists on the sidewalks hoping to sway decisions and lives. -Chris Metzler
Sun, Jun 12, 2016 4:30 PM
Mon, Jun 13, 2016 7:00 PM
Thu, Jun 16, 2016 6:45 PM
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Art of the Prank 2_thumb.jpg
An emotional and humorous journey following the evolution of artist Joey Skaggs, a fierce proponent of independent thinking and the man who has turned the media hoax into an art form. Famed for such media fictions as the Celebrity Sperm Bank, the Cathouse for Dogs, and Portofess (a mobile Catholic confessional booth), he’s one of America’s most notorious sociopolitical satirists and media activists. This fascinating film interweaves fascinating archival footage with a singular and unforgettable moment, when Skaggs decides to pull off the most demanding hoax of his career—setting his sights on film festivals to do it.
Fri, Jun 3, 2016 9:16 PM
Wed, Jun 8, 2016 7:01 PM
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Bad Art Gallery docfest 2016_thumb.jpg
Please join us at 518 Valencia for another edition of SF IndieFest’s BAD ART GALLERY. We hang the gallery with paintings carefully curated from Bay Area thrift stores, flea markets and dumpeters and give each one a Proper Catalog Note. This edition of BAG also serves as a reception in honor of this year’s Vanguard Award recipient Sean Dunne. Please join us for complimentary beverages, groovy music and bad art! All are welcome.
Fri, Jun 3, 2016 9:00 PM
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Becoming More Visible - 560 x 315_thumb.jpg
Four fearless young adults, Katherine, Morgin, Sean and Olivia, defy societal norms to be their true selves and become more visible. Rejected by their families and lured to New York City with the hope of finding connection and love, many of these trans teens instead find themselves again rejected and homeless. For trans people, the difference between visibility and invisibility can be the difference between life and death. Becoming More Visible helps to bring these kids out from the shadows by giving them a voice and a safe space to express their individuality.-Jennifer Morris
Fri, Jun 10, 2016 7:01 PM
Sat, Jun 11, 2016 6:45 PM
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Between the beats - 560 x 315_thumb.jpg
Slip between the beats with us and discover how the Bay Area rave scene, of the late 80’s and early 90’s, was a vibrant revolution of culture along the lines of the beat generation, hippies, punk, and disco. This fascinating story illustrates the way this musical movement exploded rave onto the San Francisco Bay Area. Told through the personal experiences of 40 different DJs, musicians, promoters and ravers, it traces the birth of this new scene and how it quickly became a major influence in the lives of many who discovered it. 

From DJ Harvey’s Tonka UK influence, to Doc Martin dropping SF’s first house tracks, this film follows the growth of the scene from 1989 to 1999. Through the pre rave club parties, to the early renegade break in warehouse parties, to “massives” to the legendary Sunset parties. This amazing film is a healthy reminder of the impact that musical subculture can have in all of us. -Jeff Ross

Sat, Jun 4, 2016 9:00 PM
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Breaking Dumb - The Principle - 560 x 315_thumb.jpg
BREAKING DUMB: The Movie Roast Shines a Light on The Principle
Does the Sun revolve around the Earth? The notorious 2014 documentary The Principle thinks it does, so Sherilyn Connelly, Jim Fourniadis, and Mike Spiegelman from The Movie Roast will be on mic to riff the film with help from you, the smartest audience on this mote of dust! Noted local astronomer Peter Goldie, Ph.D will also give a short presentation before the film. #TeachTheControversy
Sat, Jun 11, 2016 9:15 PM
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Cam Girlz 560x 315_thumb.jpg
From director Sean Dunne (American Juggalo, Oxyana, Florida Man) comes Cam Girlz a documentary film that enters the world of internet sex workers who find economic freedom, empowerment, intimacy, and creative self expression from the comfort of their own homes. Sean Dunne is the 2016 DocFest Vanguard Award Winner.
Sat, Jun 4, 2016 12:01 PM
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Curse of the Man Who Sees UFO - 560 x 315_thumb.jpg
Christo Roppolo claims to have been videotaping and communicating with UFOs around Monterey, CA for several years. He contacted filmmaker, Justin Gaar, in 2013 to begin creating a film about his sightings. Skeptical of the footage but intrigued by Christo's eccentricities and wild stories, Justin begins spending time with Christo hunting UFOs along California's beautiful central coast. When a crop circle appears in Monterey County and becomes international news, Christo is validated in his belief of alien contact and Justin, shocked, begins investigating the source of the crop circle and how Christo knows beyond a doubt that he's being contacted by his "brother's from space". -Jennifer Morris
Fri, Jun 3, 2016 7:00 PM
Thu, Jun 9, 2016 7:00 PM
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