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A Winter Love

A Navajo, singer-songwriter has lost her creative spark while making her way through another frigid Minneapolis winter. When she meets a young Lakota, law school dropout, she feels like she may have regained her edge, for while. A Winter Love is a quirky rom-edy and inter-tribal love story.
Sat, Apr 1 5:00 PM
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Above and All Around

A faraway island, a new home, a bowling club - there are so many different places and ways to find ourselves.
Fri, Mar 31 5:00 PM
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AICHO Shorts

Indigenous stories from near and far.
Sat, Apr 1 2:00 PM
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BATTLEGROUND is an urgently timely window into the intersection of abortion and politics in America, following three women who lead formidable anti-abortion organizations to witness the influence they wield. As the nation faces the end of Roe, the film also depicts those on the front lines of the fierce fight to maintain access.
Sun, Apr 2 4:00 PM
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Bough Brothers

After the death of his father, Mitch Anderson returns home after fifteen years. He and his brother Tommy embark on a journey of discovery, reconciliation and healing, while immersed amongst the balsam forests in Northern Minnesota.
Sun, Apr 2 6:30 PM
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Broken Angel

Angel, mother to Tanis, escapes into the night from her abusive partner, Earl, to a women’s shelter on the reservation. As the prospect of a new beginning comes to light, he tracks her down and she is forced to flee or fight.
Sun, Apr 2 3:00 PM
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Closing Night Party

Sun, Apr 2 8:30 PM
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Daniel's Gotta Die

Billionaire Edward Powell has just died, leaving his vast estate to his four children: cold-as-ice Mia, cocaine-fueled Victor, faux-philanthropist Jessica, and good-hearted Daniel. The money, however, comes with one catch: the siblings must spend the weekend together at the family beach house on the Cayman Islands. Daniel sees this as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with his estranged family and introduce them to his fiancé, Emily. Meanwhile, his family sees this as the perfect opportunity to bump-off Daniel and take his share of the inheritance. As the bodies stack up and plans go awry, one thing becomes painfully clear: Daniel’s going to find out what family means, even if it kills him.
Wed, Mar 29 7:00 PM7:20 PM
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Family Friendly Shorts

Films for the whole family.
Sat, Apr 1 11:00 AM
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Finding Her Beat

A master of Japanese drumming and a Korean adoptee from Minnesota boldly convene an all-female troupe to perform Taiko, the Japanese drumming art that has been off-limits to women for centuries. As the early menace of Covid rumbles in the background, the group faces down hurdles to prepare for a historic performance in snowy St. Paul. Buoyed by dynamic drum performances and do-or-die spirit, FINDING HER BEAT is an energizing and uplifting story of music, cultural expression and sisterhood.
Fri, Mar 31 7:00 PM
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Friday Night Social

Fri, Mar 31 9:00 PM
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Her 5th Room

Hyojeong moved her room three times while living with her in-laws. The first room was in a two-story house, sharing with her husband as she was s full-time housewife, taking care of children and helping her husband. She and her family were just living at the mercy of her overbearing mother-in-law. After her husband's business failure, Hyojeong became the new head of the family with a counselor job. Still, her husband only wanted to maintain his authority as the house-head, and she was responsible for all the house chores. Moving through her second and third rooms, Hyojeong moved to the second floor with her own space for the first time. But her husband constantly invaded her space and interrupted her. The freedom of her independence is a short-lived, as her husband still wants her to be an obedient wife. Now she is looking for a safe fourth room where she could be alone. Or does she need to find fifth room outside of this house?
Sat, Apr 1 4:30 PM
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In Search of Solid Ground

Whether thrown into an urban jungle, a wild forest or the rough environs of the classroom, these films are about finding one's feet in the face of adversity.
Sun, Apr 2 12:30 PM
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Late Night Shorts

Giant Monsters, Grotesque Leprechans, Killer Puppets - oh my! These films will make you glad you stayed up late.
Thu, Mar 30 9:30 PM
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Life's a...

Life can be a lot of things. It helps to have a sense of humor about it.
Fri, Mar 31 6:30 PM
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Mary Lynn Rasjkub LIVE

FREE to badge holders or $25/person Mary Lynn Rajskub is an actress and comedian whose credits include 24, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Punch-Drunk Love, among many leading and supporting roles in film and television. Born in Detroit and raised in Trenton, Michigan, she got her start as a regular cast member on the HBO comedy series Mr. Show, followed by a recurring role on The Larry Sanders Show. In 2003, she joined the cast of the hit drama 24, eventually becoming the show’s lead female character and contributing strongly to its 2006 Emmy win for Best Drama. She is also a two-time Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award nominee. In 2021, she released her most recent comedy special, Mary Lynn Rajskub: Live From The Pandemic. Her debut collection of essays, FAME-ISH: My Life at the Edge of Stardom released May 2022.
Wed, Mar 29 10:30 PM
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Memory and Landscapes

"The more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is." These films dive into the human mindscape: its dreams, its fears, its incomprehensible beauty.
Thu, Mar 30 5:00 PM
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Minnesota Film Festival Awards Ceremony & Party 2023

Sat, Apr 1 7:00 PM
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