Vogue Theatre
6:30 PM (92 min)
As Needed (Quanto basta)
Francesco Falaschi’s delightful comedy takes us on a culinary road trip to Florence, culminating in a contest for young cooks. Arturo (Vinicio Marchioni) is a veteran chef with minor anger management problems who, after a short stint in prison, performs community service at a school for teens with Asperger’s. His students are eager to learn, especially Guido (Luigi Fedele), a young man who remembers every ingredient in every recipe. At first, the jaded Arturo views Guido as an obligation, but the boy’s earnest enthusiasm rubs off on his mentor. Arturo delays his move to Milan to cook in a sleek restaurant when the opportunity arises to accompany Guido to the competition in Tuscany’s capital. Complicating matters is the fact that the president of the jury is Daniel Marinari (Nicola Siri), Arturo’s celebrity chef ex-business partner and the man Arturo considers responsible for his previous troubles. As Arturo confronts his past and Guido faces the pressure of competition, their in