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Flux Gourmet

This is one strange culinary collective: performance artists work night and day as “sonic caterers,” extracting disturbing noises from food. Stones is a man tasked with documenting these events, but soon he begins to wonder if he himself isn’t part of the performance in Peter Strickland’s typically bizarre fifth feature.

Sat, May 7 9:45 PM
Thu, May 12 9:45 PM
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Sara, the butcher’s daughter, hates small town life. By the bullying teens she is given demeaning nicknames, and she’s brutalized emotionally and physically. But when she witnesses a vicious stranger kidnapping her assailants… well, maybe she’s found a new friend. “[A]n instant horror classic.” –Sheri Flanders, Chicago Reader

Sat, May 14 9:55 PM
Thu, May 19 9:40 PM
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“Ben is here. Here inside of me.” With these words, Margaret’s (Rebecca Hall) life begins to unravel. A successful executive, with a daughter about to go to college, she is living the dream. Until David (Tim Roth) reappears in her life, reminding her of a past so insane it beggars description.

Fri, May 13 7:00 PM
Sat, May 14 9:30 PM
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Bangui’s Hyenas are a fabled trio of mercenaries from ??Guinea-Bissau, who strip a drug dealer of his enormous wealth and make a beeline for Dakar. There they get trapped in a near-mythical resort… and the blood is just beginning to flow in Jean Luc Herbulot’s kinetic thriller-horror hybrid.

Wed, May 11 7:00 PM
Fri, May 13 9:30 PM
Wed, May 18 9:45 PM
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She Will

Veronica Ghent is a former film star recovering from a double mastectomy. With her nurse, Desi, she visits a retreat in Scotland built on the site of a long ago massacre of women thought to be witches. Soon, these past traumas invade Veronica’s dreams, and a desire for revenge begins to emerge.

Sat, May 7 9:40 PM
Wed, May 11 9:20 PM
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Shorts Program 4 - Dystopian Chills

Fri, May 6 9:30 PM
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Julia (Maika Monroe, It Follows) is an American actress who has moved to Bucharest with her husband, Frank. One problem: her neighbor is stalking her and may be the serial killer featured prominently on the local news. Or is he? Walking a fine line between delusion and gaslighting (from police and her spouse), Julia’s world is slowly coming apart. 

Fri, May 13 9:50 PM
Wed, May 18 9:40 PM
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In the Iranian village of Zalava, demonic possession is a recurring event. Or so the villagers believe, and too often their exorcisms result in death. Masoud, a local police official, is a man of science, and when a local doctor is accused of being possessed, he must intervene, with potentially disastrous results. 

Fri, May 6 9:50 PM
Mon, May 9 4:45 PM
Thu, May 19 9:20 PM
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