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The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

Writer/director Bomani J. Story attending the 6:30pm screening on Saturday, April 15th at the Capri Theater.

“It has been a dream of mine to bring an adaptation of Frankenstein to film through the Black lens with a lead character as smart as my sister.” Director Bomani J. Story has done just that with The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster, a stunning and fresh take on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s classic.

Sat, Apr 15 6:30 PM
Sat, Apr 22 9:40 PM
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Director Laura Moss Attending 4/19.

Rose is not a fan of people, but loves working on their dead bodies as a pathologist. Celie is a maternity nurse with a precocious six-year-old. In director Laura Moss’ debut, a stunning riff on Frankenstein, their two worlds collide with terrifying effect. 

Sat, Apr 15 9:35 PM
Wed, Apr 19 7:00 PM
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Freaks vs The Reich

A deliriously different take on the super-hero and Holocaust genres, dubbed by one critic “A Shoah-reversing fantasy of liberation and revenge.” In Fascist Rome, four circus artistes with special talents fall into the clutches of Nazi impresario Franz. Delightful and spectacular. Winner, Audience Award, Rotterdam. –Alissa Simon

Wed, Apr 19 9:45 PM
Sat, Apr 22 9:50 PM
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Medusa Deluxe

At an exuberant hairstyling competition, the contestants work their magic, exchange vicious gossip, and… commit murder? Thomas Hardiman’s feature debut, Medusa Deluxe, is a marvel–a one-take triumph that is at once a murder mystery and a dazzling examination of the often cutthroat world of professional hairdressing.

Fri, Apr 21 7:15 PM
Mon, Apr 24 7:10 PM
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