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The Box

Hatzín, a young boy, heads to a small industrial town in northern Chihuahua to collect the remains of his father, who died in a work-related accident. There he sees Mario, a man whom Hatzín –perhaps through grief– is convinced is his father, alive and well. Mario takes him in, at first reluctantly and then seeing an opportunity, turns the cunning boy into a criminal understudy.

Fri, May 6 2:00 PM
Fri, May 13 4:50 PM
Wed, May 18 4:45 PM
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Costa Brava, Lebanon

The Badri family lives a difficult but satisfying life in Lebanon’s lush hills, off the grid, raising food and a healthy family. Having abandoned Beirut and its toxic mix of pollution and politics, they seem now to have found a home. Until the building of a landfill exposes long-simmering tensions.

Sat, May 7 4:45 PM
Sat, May 14 7:10 PM
Thu, May 19 7:10 PM
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The Cow Who Sang A Song Into The Future

Pollution is killing scores of fish in a remote river in Chile. From these poisoned waters emerges Magdalena, a woman who died decades earlier. Her presence calls up old family wounds while also bringing her family back together, and may just portend a rupture in the symbiosis between humans and animals. 

Fri, May 6 7:15 PM
Sat, May 7 6:40 PM
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The Gravedigger's Wife

In Djibouti City, Guled chases ambulances–he’s a gravedigger who competes with others to procure a cadaver for a meager wage. It’s a living… until his wife, Nasra, is diagnosed with kidney failure, forcing Guled and his young son, Mahad, to take desperate measures to raise money for treatment.

Tue, May 17 7:15 PM
Wed, May 18 7:00 PM
Thu, May 26 5:00 PM
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Millie Lies Low

Millie misses her flight to New York when a moment of panic hits. Broke and ashamed, she opts to lie low in her Wellington hometown, using her wits and Instagram to convince her frenemies that she is living the dream in the Big Apple.

Fri, May 6 7:20 PM
Thu, May 12 9:40 PM
Sat, May 14 9:40 PM
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Small Body

In 1900 Italy, young Agata has a stillborn child who, according to her religion, cannot be baptized having not taken its first breath. Horrified at the thought of her infant being interred unbaptized and without a name, and thus condemned to limbo, she embarks on a journey to save its soul.

Sat, May 14 7:00 PM
Tue, May 17 4:30 PM
Tue, May 24 7:30 PM
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Whether the Weather Is Fine

After the wreckage of Typhoon Haiyan, three Filipinos attempt to leave their small city and seek shelter in Manila as another reported storm looms. Carlo Francisco Manatad’s debut feature combines a transporting blend of near-documentary filmmaking, magical realism, and a pop-infused sensibility.

Sun, May 8 7:40 PM
Fri, May 13 9:40 PM
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