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Casablanca Beats

A maverick rapper helps his students try to break free from the weight of restrictive traditions and live their passions. This powerful and exuberant film shows how art can change the trajectory of a young person's life, and how freedom of expression can unwrite a history of repression.

Sat, May 7 9:20 PM
Wed, May 11 7:10 PM
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The Gravedigger's Wife

In Djibouti City, Guled chases ambulances–he’s a gravedigger who competes with others to procure a cadaver for a meager wage. It’s a living… until his wife, Nasra, is diagnosed with kidney failure, forcing Guled and his young son, Mahad, to take desperate measures to raise money for treatment.

Tue, May 17 7:15 PM
Wed, May 18 7:00 PM
Thu, May 26 5:00 PM
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Neptune Frost

Rwanda, on the other side of time. Neptune is an intersex hacker. Matalusa is a coltan miner mourning the death of his brother. Together, in love and revolt, these two heroes are going to change the world. In the past. The present. And the future. 

Sat, May 14 9:45 PM
Thu, May 19 1:30 PM
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Bangui’s Hyenas are a fabled trio of mercenaries from ??Guinea-Bissau, who strip a drug dealer of his enormous wealth and make a beeline for Dakar. There they get trapped in a near-mythical resort… and the blood is just beginning to flow in Jean Luc Herbulot’s kinetic thriller-horror hybrid.

Wed, May 11 7:00 PM
Fri, May 13 9:30 PM
Wed, May 18 9:45 PM
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