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Beautiful Beings

For his impressive sophomore feature, director-writer Gu?mundsson returns to the subject of Heartstone (MSPIFF 2017): fraught adolescent friendships and difficult family lives. A savagely bullied youth forms a tentative rapport with a trio of tough outsiders. Together, they experiment with aggression and violence, but also learn about loyalty and love. –Alissa Simon

Fri, Apr 14 1:40 PM
Tue, Apr 18 4:20 PM
Thu, Apr 20 9:40 PM
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Cairo Conspiracy

From Tarik Saleh, the director of the award-winning The Nile Hilton Incident, comes a bold, nuanced thriller set in a complex world Westerners rarely see. It centers on a gifted student from a small village who is offered a scholarship to Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, the power epicenter of Sunni Islam. –Alissa Simon

Fri, Apr 14 4:00 PM
Mon, Apr 17 1:10 PM
Thu, Apr 20 9:35 PM
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Dancing Queen

Best of Fest Encore Screening

Recommended ages 12+

Shy Mina does a 180 and leaps into the audition for an Instagram-famous hip-hop dancer’s new crew. There’s only one small problem: she can’t dance! A solid gold mix of comedy and heart-warming entertainment, Dancing Queen is an inspiring celebration of the power of dance (with a wink to ABBA’s smash hit). –Deb Girdwood

Sat, Apr 15 1:15 PM
Tue, Apr 18 7:10 PM
Sat, Apr 29 2:00 PM
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Four Little Adults

Having tackled familial dysfunction in her fiction feature debut Little Wing (2017) and romantic woe in her follow-up Stupid Young Heart (2018), Finnish writer-director Selma Vilhunen blends the two themes in her engaging polyamory drama Four Little Adults evoking the middle-class relationship sturm-und-drang of much of Ingmar Bergman’s work. –Alissa Simon

Sat, Apr 22 1:40 PM
Wed, Apr 26 4:15 PM
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Gold Run

On April 9th, 1940 the Nazis invaded Norway. Based on true events, Gold Run tells the story of how a brigade of ragtag Norwegians, including a bank secretary, a famous poet and a female veteran of the Spanish Civil War, smuggled 40 tons of gold bullion out of the national bank vault in Oslo to safety with the Allies.

Sun, Apr 23 7:40 PM
Tue, Apr 25 4:10 PM
Wed, Apr 26 1:40 PM
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This fascinating bio pic delves into the fiery and sometimes messy personal story of Swedish abstract artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944), as well as celebrating, in fittingly enthralled, immersive fashion, the singular fusion of nature and spiritual mystery that drove her. Director Hallström’s wife Lena Olin and daughter Tora Hallström share the leading role. –Alissa Simon

Sat, Apr 15 2:00 PM
Tue, Apr 18 1:10 PM
Sat, Apr 22 4:30 PM
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Joyce Carol Oates: A Body in the Service of Mind

Joyce Carol Oates is one of America’s greatest writers, with a career that has spanned seven decades. Her fiction has examined American life, from the Detroit riots to the life of Marilyn Monroe. Joyce Carol Oates: A Body in the Service of Mind is the first documentary about this literary icon.

Tue, Apr 25 4:30 PM
Thu, Apr 27 1:45 PM
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Mini-Zlatan and Uncle Darling

Recommended ages 9+

Ella’s uncle Tommy is 100% her person, her one and only BFF. When Tommy’s new boyfriend Steve enters the picture, the young niece’s jealousy can’t be contained. This entertaining film is filled with physical comedy and heart-warming drama--a testament to beloved “guncles” and finding (and sharing) one’s favorite person. –Deb Girdwood

Fri, Apr 14 5:10 PM
Sun, Apr 23 1:15 PM
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My Robot Brother

Recommended ages 10+

In a “not-so-distant future”, all kids have robots. When Alberte gets the latest model for her 12th birthday, life seemingly upgrades overnight. Is it too good to be true? This family comedy is full of surprises and is a refreshing take on how we relate to our world today (and perhaps our future). –Deb Girdwood

Sun, Apr 16 1:20 PM
Sat, Apr 22 11:10 AM
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My Sailor, My Love

Best of Fest Encore Screening

Finnish director Härö makes a poignant English-language debut with an Ireland-set drama about a retired sea captain whose late-life romance with a comely widow is threatened by his adult daughter. The heartfelt story, convincing performances and glorious coastal landscape will delight his many fans and draw tears. –Alissa Simon

Fri, Apr 14 1:15 PM
Sun, Apr 16 1:10 PM
Thu, Apr 20 4:15 PM
Sun, Apr 30 2:00 PM
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At a time when women must fight again for control of their bodies, this affecting, fact-based, period drama, about a rebellious teen forced into the Sprogø Women’s Home in the 1930s, contains extra resonance. Can Maren’s lively spirit survive the harsh administrators and the head doctor who supports eugenics-based sterilization? –Alissa Simon

Tue, Apr 25 7:10 PM
Wed, Apr 26 9:45 PM
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