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Any Day Now

Age 11+, coming of age drama

Any Day Now is a humanist coming-of-age story of 13-year-old Ramin and his Iranian family living in a refugee center while seeking asylum in Finland. Ramin starts a new school, makes friends, and dances with a girl, but underneath the excitement and light-hearted comedic moments lies uncertainty and fear of deportation.

Sun, May 15 11:00 AM
Wed, May 18 1:45 PM
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As in Heaven

Set on a West Jutland farmstead in the late nineteenth century, this compelling period drama rings true as a portrait of young female consciousness. The protagonist, 14-year-old Lise, the eldest of eight siblings, will soon become the first in her family to go away to school. But then a dramatic turn of events puts her future in doubt. Winner, Nordic Dragon, Gothenburg; Best Director, Best Actress, San Sebastian.

Mon, May 9 1:50 PM
Fri, May 13 4:20 PM
Tue, May 17 1:50 PM
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The Emigrants

This big-budget epic drama offers a new version of Vilhelm Moberg’s series about impoverished Swedes who left misery behind to create a better life for themselves and their children on free land in Minnesota in the mid-19th century. Norwegian director Erik Poppe (The King’s Choice) reinterprets the story, showing it through the eyes of Kristina Nilsson (Lisa Carlehed). –Alissa Simon

Sun, May 8 6:40 PM
Sun, May 15 2:00 PM
Thu, May 19 1:00 PM
Sun, May 22 1:30 PM
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Everybody Hates Johan

An offbeat, literally explosive comedy about the long and adventurous life of Johan Grande (Pål Sverre Hagen, Amundsen) and his eternal struggle for love. –Alissa Simon

Tue, May 10 7:20 PM
Sat, May 14 7:00 PM
Tue, May 17 7:30 PM
Fri, May 20 4:40 PM
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Girl Picture

Mimmi and Rönkkö are inseparable. Mimmi is short-tempered and always ready for a battle; Rönkkö is intelligent and fun-loving; and they almost literally couldn’t live without one another. Being teenagers, both are working hard to understand themselves, their sexuality, and exactly where they fit in, in Alli Haapasalo’s charming film.

Sat, May 7 9:00 PM
Wed, May 11 4:20 PM
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The Gravedigger's Wife

In Djibouti City, Guled chases ambulances–he’s a gravedigger who competes with others to procure a cadaver for a meager wage. It’s a living… until his wife, Nasra, is diagnosed with kidney failure, forcing Guled and his young son, Mahad, to take desperate measures to raise money for treatment.

Tue, May 17 7:15 PM
Wed, May 18 7:00 PM
Thu, May 26 5:00 PM
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Long Flat Balls 3

This Norwegian comedy is the third in a series of misadventures of six mechanics in Fredrikstad, who, in prior films, had shenanigans at the World Cup and saved Norway from invaders. Here, they end up with an illegal trailer full of booze, whose contents they absolutely must sample, with hilarious results. 

Sun, May 15 5:00 PM
Sun, May 22 4:30 PM
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Nelly & Nadine

Director Magnus Gertten Attending 5/7.

Nelly & Nadine follows the unlikely relationship between two women who fell in love on Christmas Eve, 1944, in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Despite being separated in the last months of the war, Nelly and Nadine managed to later reunite and spend the rest of their life together. For many years their love story was kept a secret, even to some of their closest family. Winner, Teddy Award, Berlinale.

Sat, May 7 2:10 PM
Wed, May 11 2:10 PM
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When aspiring 23-year-old cartoon artist Rakel, way too late, finds out she’s pregnant after a not-so-romantic one-night stand, her world changes. That’s when Ninjababy, an animated character who insists on making Rakel’s everyday life a living hell, turns up. He climbs out from her note book, jumps into her tea cup, and keeps reminding her what a terrible person she is. Winner, Best Comedy, European Film Awards.

Sun, May 8 2:00 PM
Wed, May 11 9:30 PM
Mon, May 23 7:10 PM
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The Pact

Now in her twilight years, devastated by syphilis and mourning her lost love, the charismatic and manipulative author Karen Blixen offers a Faustian bargain to a young poet: obey her unconditionally (to the point of renouncing his family) and find literary stardom. Winner, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Beijing.

Tue, May 10 4:50 PM
Sat, May 14 4:40 PM
Mon, May 16 4:10 PM
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Anna is released from a Polish prison after serving 15 years for homicide. Finally free, she has only one goal, but to achieve it she must break parole and the law, sacrifice everything, and head on an unforeseen journey to the remote island nation of Iceland.

Fri, May 6 4:20 PM
Wed, May 11 9:10 PM
Sat, May 14 4:45 PM
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