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Bring Her Home

Director Leya Hale Attending.

Three Indigenous women–an artist, an activist, and a politician–fight to vindicate and honor their missing and murdered relatives who have fallen victims to human trafficking, a growing epidemic across Indian country. 

Sat, May 7 1:30 PM
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Experimental Curator: The Sally Dixon Story

What is “experimental film”? Now a mainstay at modern art museums, these non-commercial movies, typified by the work of Stan Brakhage and Jonas Mekas, were once so underground virtually no one knew of them. Enter Sally Dixon, who helped place these beautiful pieces of art into museum and university archives permanently. Dixon’s legacy is felt locally through her influential position at the media arts center, Film in the Cities and collaborations with Walker Art Center.

Sun, May 15 1:00 PM
Mon, May 16 4:30 PM
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Film in the Cities: Radical Roots In Youth Media

Filmmakers Daniel Bergin and Miranda Harincar Attending.

In the early 1970s, a group of groundbreaking and radical teachers began Film in the Cities (FITC), a film program that forever changed the Twin Cities media landscape. Using student films and interviews, Minnesota-based filmmakers Daniel Bergin with Miranda Harincar create a cinematic celebration of education and mentorship.

Sun, May 15 3:00 PM
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Glob Lessons

When an insecure, closeted gay man from Minnesota–his name is Alan–is paired with an unpredictable, enigmatic woman from West Virginia–meet Jesse–on a low-budget children’s theater tour across the frozen Upper Midwest of all places, a genuine friendship blossoms, in Nicole Rodenburg’s charming road trip comedy debut.

Sun, May 8 4:15 PM
Wed, May 11 9:25 PM
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Jasmine is a Star

Jasmine is a 16-year-old Minneapolis girl who has albinism (which causes a lack of pigment in the hair, skin, and eyes). She wants to be a model and represent Black girls and people with this condition. And she’d also love nothing more than being left alone in high school…

Wed, May 11 7:15 PM
Sun, May 15 7:00 PM
Tue, May 24 5:00 PM
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Kendra and Beth

Director Dean Peterson Attending.

In this ‘quirky comedy character study,’ Beth is decidedly a misfit, the only female employee at a sausage company and the family breadwinner, living with her mom and brother, misfits themselves. When she meets her polar opposite, the outgoing Kendra, sparks fly. 

Sun, May 8 7:00 PM
Wed, May 18 9:30 PM
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The Long Haul

As COVID-19 made its way to Minnesota in March of 2020, Ben O’Donnell was the state’s third reported case, and first critical patient. The 38-year-old husband and father spent nearly a month battling for his life in a Minneapolis hospital’s intensive care unit. Unable to breathe without oxygen or walk up a flight of stairs upon his release in April, O’Donnell set a goal for himself to complete an Ironman triathlon seven months later in November.

Tue, May 10 7:30 PM
Wed, May 11 4:45 PM
Thu, May 26 3:00 PM
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Move Me

When she was 27, Kelsey Peterson dived into Lake Superior, just as countless others have done. But Peterson emerged paralyzed. Following her accident, Peterson, a dancer, finds herself struggling to redefine who she is. But when the opportunity arises to dance again, Peterson embraces the challenge of the unknown.

Thu, May 12 7:00 PM
Wed, May 18 4:00 PM
Sat, May 21 7:20 PM
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Paulie Go!

MSPIFF41 Closing Presentation

Director Andrew Nackman and Cast & Crew Attending May 19.

A coming-of-age comedy about Paulie, a high school artificial intelligence prodigy who aspires to become the greatest scientist of the 21st century. When he gets rejected from a world-renowned robotics lab he does what any rational teenager would do - steal his uncle’s van and drive halfway across the country to Northern Minnesota to track down a reclusive Professor. Along the way, Paulie meets 18-year-old Avery, an expert angler who helps navigate the endless maze of waterways in Northern Minnesota to track down the Professor.

Thu, May 19 6:30 PM7:00 PM7:20 PM
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Raise Your Hand

Director Jessica Rae Attending.

Based on director Jessica Rae’s own experiences growing up in Minneapolis, Raise Your Hand follows best friends Gia and Lila, two midwestern teens of color growing up and facing the challenges of youth. At once raw and honest, and capturing the vicissitudes of teenage life, Raise Your Hand is a vibrant, inspiring film.

Fri, May 6 7:10 PM
Sun, May 8 7:00 PM
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Shorts Program 1 - Animation Collection

Wed, May 11 6:45 PM
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Shorts Program 2 - Environmental Experimental

Mon, May 9 7:15 PM
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Shorts Program 3 - Comedy Collection

Tue, May 10 7:15 PM
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Shorts Program 4 - Dystopian Chills

Fri, May 6 9:30 PM
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Shorts Program 5 - The Political is Personal

Sun, May 8 1:50 PM
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Shorts Program 6 - Family Love

Sun, May 8 4:30 PM
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Shorts Program 7 - Words Matter

Sun, May 15 1:45 PM
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Shorts Program 8 - Rainbow Lights

Mon, May 16 7:30 PM
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Shorts Program 9 - MN Portraits

Sun, May 15 4:45 PM
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Shorts Program 10 - Home Grown Drama

Sat, May 7 7:00 PM
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Valiant! A Car, a Cause, and the Cold War

Juris Blodnieks has a secret: under a tarp sits his 1971 Plymouth Valiant, a car that, in the 80s, ferried Latvian freedom activists to protests at the Soviet embassies in Washington and Ottawa. Minneapolis director Mara Vija Pelecis takes this as a launching point to examine the Latvian resistance and the car that helped drive their freedom.

Mon, May 9 7:30 PM
Fri, May 13 4:45 PM
Wed, May 25 7:15 PM
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A Winter Love

Director Rhiana Yazzie Attending.

Blue is a 35 year-old Navajo singer-songwriter, struggling in Minneapolis’ bleak winter. Her creativity seems to be hibernating. But when she meets Eddie, a 25 year-old Lakota man, and law school dropout, he could be just the tonic for her winter blues.

Sat, May 7 4:00 PM
Sun, May 15 4:30 PM
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