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Any Day Now

Age 11+, coming of age drama

Any Day Now is a humanist coming-of-age story of 13-year-old Ramin and his Iranian family living in a refugee center while seeking asylum in Finland. Ramin starts a new school, makes friends, and dances with a girl, but underneath the excitement and light-hearted comedic moments lies uncertainty and fear of deportation.

Sun, May 15 11:00 AM
Wed, May 18 1:45 PM
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Age 11+, coming of age drama 

In this magical realism film set on the island coast of Curaçao, 11-year-old Kenza lives with her father and grandfather. As the men clash over the future of their family land and ancestry, Kenza must find her own way in the world, while longing for the mother she never knew.

Sun, May 15 2:10 PM
Wed, May 18 4:30 PM
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Dear Future Children

Age 15+, YA documentary

Join three Gen Z activists on the frontlines of social and environmental change in Chile, Uganda, and Hong Kong. Winner of the Audience Award at Hot Docs, Dear Future Children tells their stories as a way to foreground the human side of the growing surge of young activism worldwide.

Sun, May 8 11:40 AM
Sun, May 15 12:00 PM
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The First Death of Joana

15+ YA drama (LGBTQ)

Following the death of her beloved great-aunt, 13-year-old Joana grows curious about family secrets. How could her aunt have lived to age 70 without dating anyone? As Joana and her friends are exploring their own sexual identities in a provincial Brazilian town, stories about the women in her life reveal many mysteries.

Sun, May 8 4:20 PM
Tue, May 17 2:10 PM
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Age 15+, YA Sci-Fi

13-year-old Leng Heng wakes up each day to dreams of his past life, or are they memories? Making a discovery he can’t ignore, Leng recruits his friends to find a long lost buried treasure. Full of mysteries centuries-old and futuristic, spiritual and high-tech, Karmalink is an unforgettable Buddhist sci-fi teen adventure.

Sun, May 8 1:45 PM
Sat, May 14 11:30 AM
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Age 15+, YA documentary

Mija is an emotional and moving portrait of Doris Muñoz, an ambitious young woman moving up in the music world while staying deeply connected to her parents as they struggle for secure permanent residency status, financial stability, and the freedom to safely visit their beloved family in Mexico.

Sat, May 14 12:00 PM
Wed, May 18 9:20 PM
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Rickshaw Girl

14+ YA drama

Daring and determined Blangladeshi teenager, Naima, is on a quest to earn money to support her family. Even as a brilliant traditional rickshaw painter, her artistic talent isn’t enough to help in hard times. Leaving her village for the big city, Naima finds unconventional ways to help her family survive.

Sat, May 7 11:00 AM
Mon, May 9 1:40 PM
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Romy's Salon

Age 10+, family drama

Ten-year-old Romy is stuck going after school to the hair salon of her reluctant grandmother, Stine. When Romy starts to observe slips in her grandmother’s behavior, the young girl realizes that she is going to have to take care of Stine and the salon, and not the other way around. –Deb Girdwood

Sat, May 14 11:15 AM
Mon, May 16 1:45 PM
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Age 10+, family drama

Landing in a new town with his astrophysicist dad, 11-year-old Jim is obsessed with traveling to space. When his new school announces the annual science contest, Jim convinces his classmate, Emma, that they will not only win, but that they will successfully leave the atmosphere in a DIY space adventure.

Sat, May 7 11:40 AM
Sat, May 14 1:50 PM
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The Strangest Girl in the World

Age 11+ coming of age drama

Melién is literally too cool for school. The 15-year-old girl has nonstop imagination and endless talent for drawing fantasy illustrations for her own original horror stories. Fascinated by goth characters, monsters, and ghosts, Melién finds she may need mortal help after all when her drawings mysteriously leap off the pages of her sketchbook.

Sat, May 7 1:40 PM
Sat, May 14 4:30 PM
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Yung Punx: A Punk Parable

Age 9+, family documentary

A group of 8-to-12 year-olds star as Color Killer, an inspiring pop punk band from Massachusetts, counting down to the biggest performance of their lives. Can the kids (and their parents) hold up to the pressure? This head-banging, nail-biting, delightful music documentary will strike a chord with kids, families, and music lovers alike.

Sat, May 7 4:45 PM
Thu, May 19 4:30 PM
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