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2017, 172 min, 2K DCP, Wri. Alan Bennett, Dir. Nicholas Hytner, Rated PG-13

Alan Bennett's sharp and hilarious new play is full of singalongs and stinging wit.
Fri, Feb 15 12:00 PM
Sat, Feb 16 12:00 PM
Sun, Feb 17 12:00 PM
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France, 2001,123 min, 35mm, Dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Rated R, French w/ English subs

Spend Valentine's Day week with the fabulous Amélie Poulain in glorious 35mm.
Sat, Feb 16 11:30 PM
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Uruguay, 2013, 80 min, Dir. Alfredo Soderguit, Rated PG

AninA perfectly evokes childhood joys and fears through the story of a girl with a palindromic name: Aninas Yatay Salas.
Sat, Feb 9 11:00 AM
Sun, Feb 10 11:00 AM
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Antony & Cleopatra
2018, 246 min, 2K DCP, Wri. William Shakespeare, Dir. Simon Godwin, Rated PG-13

Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo play Shakespeare’s famous fated couple in his great tragedy of politics, passion, and power.
Fri, Jan 18 12:00 PM
Sat, Jan 19 12:00 PM
Sun, Jan 20 12:00 PM
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Blue Note Records
Switzerland, 2018, 85 min, Dir. Sophie Huber, Not Rated

A revelatory journey behind the story of Blue Note Records featuring rare performances by John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Norah Jones.
Tue, Jan 22 2:00 PM
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Cats Don't Dance
U.S., 1997, 74 min, 35mm, Dir. Mark Dindal, Rated G

Nothing’s gonna stop a group of talented animals from pursuing their dream of Hollywood stardom.
Sat, Mar 9 11:00 AM
Sun, Mar 10 11:00 AM
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Cold War
Poland, 2018, 88 min, 4K DCP, Dir. Pawel Pawlikowski, Rated R, Polish with English sbutitles

Can’t live with her. Can’t live without her.
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U.S., 2011, 100 min, 35mm, Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn, Rated R

Ryan Gosling is a getaway driver who proves he’s a real human being.
Sat, Jan 26 11:30 PM
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Eyes Wide Shut
U.S., 1999, 159 min, 35mm, Dir. Stanley Kubrick, Rated R, Warner Bros.

Presented on 35mm, Stanley Kubrick's final film is full of sex, drugs, and chic Venetian masks.
Sat, Jan 19 10:30 PM
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Holy Lands
France, 2019, 100 min, Dir. Amanda Sthers, Not Rated

James Caan, Rosanna Arquette, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers star in a comic and heartwarming chronicle of a dysfunctional family living in Israel.
Mon, Jan 21 2:00 PM
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I'm Not Running
2019, approx. 180 min, 2K DCP, Wri. David Hare, Dir. Neil Armfield, Rated PG-13

An explosive new play from David Hare, writer of the acclaimed play Skylight.
Fri, Mar 15 12:00 PM
Sat, Mar 16 12:00 PM
Sun, Mar 17 12:00 PM
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
U.S., 1984, 118 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Steven Spielberg, Rated PG

If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones!
Sat, Feb 2 11:30 PM
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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Japan, 1984, 116 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, Rated PG, Japanese with English subtitles

The transcendent, beautiful debut from Hayao Miyazaki.
Sat, Apr 13 11:00 AM
Sun, Apr 14 11:00 AM
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Roma - 70mm
Mexico, 2018, 135 min, 70mm, Dir. Alfonso Cuarón, Rated R, Spanish with English subtitles

Difficult times, bracingly recalled.
Fri, Feb 8 9:00 PM
Sat, Feb 9 3:30 PM8:45 PM
Sun, Feb 10 3:30 PM8:45 PM
Mon, Feb 11 8:45 PM
Tue, Feb 12 8:45 PM
Wed, Feb 13 8:45 PM
Thu, Feb 14 8:45 PM
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Sacred Spaces
France, 2019, 90 min, Dir. Celia Lowenstein, Not Rated

Prepare yourself for an incredible visual experience featuring some of the most important sacred spaces in the world.
Wed, Jan 23 2:00 PM
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Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song
U.S., 1971, 97min, 4K DCP, Dir.Melvin Van Peebles, Rated R

This film is dedicated to all the Brothers and Sisters who had enough of the Man.
Sat, Feb 9 11:30 PM
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The Tragedy of King Richard the Second
U.K, 2019, approx. 150 min, 2K DCP, Wri. William Shakespeare, Dir. Joe Hill-Gibbins, Rated PG-13

Simon Russell Beale is Shakespeare's tragic king in this visceral, new production from the Almeida Theatre.
Fri, Apr 5 12:00 PM
Sat, Apr 6 12:00 PM
Sun, Apr 7 12:00 PM
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