Saturday April 28 2018


Sat, Apr 28 10:30 AM (143 min)
An existential “detective story” in which Anna, a young woman, disappears on a deserted island during a boat cruise. Anna’s best friend, Claudia (Monica Vitti in the first of her many collaborations with Antonioni), and Anna’s lover, Sandro (Gabriele Ferzetti), look for clues as to her whereabouts, but as the search seems to get out of hand they begin to fall into love.
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Sat, Apr 28 1:30 PM (126 min)
A tailspin at the Rome stock exchange serves as a backdrop for a love affair between a translator (Monica Vitti) and her mother’s stockbroker (Alain Delon). Antonioni’s evocation of anomie and alienation was never so exquisitely articulated as in L’ECLISSE. The final scene, in which suspense is built out of an increasingly unbearable absence, is justly famous.
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Sat, Apr 28 4:00 PM (117 min)
A provocative look at the spiritual desolation of the technological age - about a disaffected woman (Monica Vitti), wandering through a bleak industrial landscape beset by power plants and environmental toxins, and tentatively flirting with her husband’s coworker (Richard Harris). RED DESERT creates a nearly apocalyptic image of its time, and confirms Antonioni as cinema’s preeminent poet of the modern age.
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Sat, Apr 28 6:30 PM (111 min)
BLOW-UP takes the form of a psychological mystery, starring David Hemmings as a fashion photographer who unknowingly captures a death on film after following two lovers in a park. Antonioni’s meticulous aesthetic control and intoxicating color palette breathe life into every frame, and the jazzy sounds of Herbie Hancock, a beautifully evasive performance by Vanessa Redgrave, and a cameo by the Yardbirds make the film a transporting time capsule from a bygone era.
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Sat, Apr 28 8:30 PM (75 min)
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Sat, Apr 28 10:00 PM (124 min)
David Locke (Jack Nicholson), a disillusioned American reporter is sent on a grueling mission to North Africa. When he stumbles across the body of a dead man, Locke, long desirous of starting life over again, assumes the corpse's identity. He soon discovers that the man he's pretending to be is involved in gun running on behalf of a terrorist group. Making the acquaintance of a mysterious woman (Maria Schneider), he finds a kindred spirit -- a woman as "lost" as he.
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