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Arzak Since 1897

A loving and delectable portrait of Juan Mari Arzak, famed architect of New Basque Cuisine, from his humble origins in his mother’s kitchen to the pinnacle of international influence and stardom and beyond, directed by Asier Altuna Iza.

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Brouwer: The Origin of the Shadow (Brouwer: el origen de la sombra)

An immersive documentary into the life and creative process of Leo Bruwer’s, the outstanding Cuban and world-renowned composer. A die-hard iconoclast, he defies us to question art, Cuba, and even the purpose of a documentary about him.

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Finlandia (Finlandia las Muxes)

US Premiere | Special Guests & Live Discussion

In Theater: Sat, Oct 9 at 3:30pm. When a Spanish fashion designer arrives in Oaxaca in order to steal clothing traditions for the European market, she quickly falls in with the colorful two-spirited Muxe community, leading to a powerful reckoning in this emotionally rich, visually stunning tapestry from writer/director Horacio Alcala.

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Joseba Cruz

Showing with Arzak Since 1897. Joseba Cruz is a free soul. Through a road trip to the land of his childhood, Joseba unveils how and why he threw off the shackles of 3-star restaurants to reinvent the concept of haute cuisine.

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