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Drugs in the Tenderloin

Wed, Nov 9, 2016 7:00 PM (90 min)
Join us for a very rare screening of the 1966 KQED documentary, Drugs in the Tenderloin. Director Robert Zagone will be on hand to answer questions. Drugs in the Tenderloin captures the Tenderloin as it transformed into a center for young queers and drug users.

One of our favorite descriptions of the film:

“a stark and often harrowing look into the life of the street denizens of the notorious San Francisco district which was a haven for junkies, prostitutes, and pushers during the Sixties... it takes a real gutter-level look at its subject, the grainy night photography capturing beehive-haired hookers and turtle-necked dope dealers plying their trade against a smoky backdrop of seedy neon, while meth users pontificate about their high, and a youth worker takes a couple of shocked city officials on a walking tour of the area, pointing out such lurid landmarks as Market Street, known in the area as the “Meat Rack” thanks to the male hustlers who ply their trade there.”<
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