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Digital Gym Cinema
12:15 PM (93 min)
Ritmo Latino Shorts
SDLFF 2018 Shorts\Capoeira In Our Lives 3_thumb.jpg
2:25 PM (95 min)
Angelica movie image.jpg
Angelica has spent her whole life escaping from her mixed racial identity, but a family crisis forces her to look inside and rethink her life. After a family tragedy, Angelica has to decide whether to return to the comfort of her previous life, secure but unsatisfied, or venture to rediscover herself as an independent, modern, strong, mulatto and Puerto Rican woman. Viva Mujeres.
4:55 PM (90 min)
Una mujer sin filtro
Una Mujer Sin Filtro 7.jpg
99% of people never say exactly what's on their mind. Paz, played by Fernanda Castillo, is a kind and gentle woman unable to express her opinions to those who are constantly taking advantage of her. After an unexpected experience with a shaman, she finds herself suddenly vocally unfiltered and able to stand up to those who have taken her for granted. Pantelion Presents Showcase.
7:00 PM (90 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\Complices 1_thumb.jpg
Juan Campos (Arath de la Torre) has dedicated his life to seducing the most beautiful women with his friend and accomplice, Luis Pani. When they prepare for their trip to the Dominican Republic, Luis falls ill, and Juan is forced to take his nephew Mau (Jesus Zavala), a 20 year old boy who is going through the depression of losing his first love. While Juan trains Mau in the art of seduction, Teresa D’Ors (Marina de Tavira) appears, the only woman in the world capable of paralyzing Juan. Together, they venture on a journey where they will learn from each other and discover that in love nothing is certain. Pantelion Presents Showcase.
9:15 PM (111 min)
Tierra Firme
SDLFF 2018 Features\Tierra firme 1.jpg
In their mid-30s, Eva and Kat’s humble, yet carefree, lifestyle in their London canal boat gets turned upside down when Eva presents Kat with an ultimatum: she wants a child. Kat resists, knowing that it will end the bohemian lifestyle she’s always envisioned with Eva. When Kat’s best friend, Roger, drops in from Barcelona, they decide to use him as a donor to start a family, leading them to redefine their concept of what it means to be a family.  Somos! Film Showcase.
11:15 AM (75 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\instantanea 1_thumb.jpg
A young child photographer is spending the holidays with her grandparents, a vacation she’s not looking forward to. Mario, her grandfather, is pretty serious about helping her study mathematics throughout the break, indicating a boring vacation. Everything changes when her grandfather gives Antonia his old Polaroid camera. New friends, adventures, and some mischief will make this an unforgettable vacation. Para la Familia Showcase.
1:00 PM (85 min)
La leyenda del Charro Negro
SDLFF 2018 Features\La leyenda 1_thumb.jpg
The fifth installment of the Leyendas Series of animated films follows Leo and his brother Nando as they face off with the nefarious Charro Negro, an entity looking to get his soul back.  Para la Familia Showcase.
3:00 PM (118 min)
The Perfect Game
Perfect game.jpg
Amid the poverty of Monterrey, Mexico, a ragtag group of boys discovers the joys of sandlot baseball, thanks to the guidance of a coach (Clifton Collins Jr.) who had once hoped to make it in the major leagues. Armed with a dream of playing in the Little League, the boys defy the odds, setting off an unprecedented winning strea that leads them across the border to America and the 1957 Little League World Series. Para la familia Showcase.
5:00 PM (104 min)
El Corazon Shorts
SDLFF 2018 Shorts\Evaporated 4_thumb.jpg
7:45 PM (95 min)
Matar a Jesús
Paula, a young Colombian student, witnesses the cold-blooded murder of her father. After suffering the police’s ineffectiveness, she accidentally encounters the hitman responsible for the job. Driven by anger, frustration and pain, revenge seems to be her only possible choice.
9:45 PM (80 min)
Los ojos del mar
SDLFF 2018 Features\ojos 1.jpg
A woman with a troubled past embarks on a journey to deliver a message from the grieving families of fishermen lost at sea five years ago, at their last known location in the Gulf of Mexico. Her odyssey becomes one of personal redemption.
12:00 PM (60 min)
Conexiones: Los Cenzontles In Cuba. A Musical Journey of Connection
SDLFF 2018 Features\Conexiones 1_thumb.jpg
Los Cenzontles, a Mexican-American roots group, were granted rare access to perform traditional Mexican music in four cities around Cuba, engaging with Cuban musicians from various walks of life. They discovered the richness of Cuban culture and Cuba’s deep affection for and fascination with Mexican culture. The film is a poignant statement on the importance of cultural exchange, identity and openness at a time of uncertainty in U.S and Cuban relations. Ritmo Latino Film Showcase.
1:40 PM (60 min)
My Bolivia, Remembering What I Never Knew
SDLFF 2018 Features\Bolivia 1.jpg
Rick Tejada-Flores unravels myths and realities of his family history in Bolivia; the country where his father was born. What he finds is shocking, including a history of slavery,  his grandfather’s role as President during the bloodiest war in Latin American history, the never-mentioned family member who administered the land reform stripping the family of its estates, and family connections with a Nazi war criminal. De aquí somos Film Showcase.
4:00 PM (116 min)
Casi Leyendas
SDLFF 2018 Features\casi 1_thumb.jpg
The members of a forgotten rock band from the 90's get back together after 25 years of not playing, not seeing each other, and not being able to solve their own life problems. Facing an uphill battle against the modern music industry they will try to find the success they never had. Ritmo Latino Showcase.
6:30 PM (95 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\Sauras 1.jpg
Carlos Saura, a living legend. Felix Viscarret, a director who wants to make a film portrait of the great master. He comes up with a plan he thinks is brilliant. He’ll show the intimate side of Saura through conversations between the genius and his 7 children. Everyone accepts. But Saura doesn’t like talking about the past. Viscarret insists. Saura likes painting. And photography. Viscarret doesn’t give up. He tries again. Saura likes painting. And photography.
8:30 PM (128 min)
El inca
SDLFF 2018 Features\Inca 1.jpg
Based on the true story of the undefeated two-time World Boxing Champion Edwin Valero, El Inca is a powerhouse biographical drama about talent and charisma, love and ambition, excess and self-destruction.
11:45 AM (76 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\Jeffrey 1_thumb.jpg
Jeffrey is a 12 year-old aspiring Reggaeton singer living in the Dominican Republic. Despite his dreams of becoming a successful performer, he has to deal with the harsh realities of his everyday life, which might keep him from achieving stardom. Ritmo Latino Film Showcase.
1:30 PM (102 min)
Mi mundial
SDLFF 2018 Features\Mi mundial 4.jpg
A 13-year old small-town soccer prodigy from Uruguay gets the chance of his life to follow his dreams and get his humble family out of poverty. Propelled into youth pro soccer, he is soon blinded by life in the fast track and gets into collision course with his heart-of-gold janitor dad. It takes an accident to bring him down to earth and recognize what is really important in life. Fútbol Film Showcase.
3:50 PM (102 min)
Vietnam, Puerto Rico
SDLFF 2018 Features\Vietnam 1.jpg
As Puerto Rico falls deeper and deeper into an unprecedented crisis, this is Vietnam’s story, a community or barrio located on the coast of Guaynabo fighting an illegal expropriation at the hands of a career politician. Their experience echoes the island’s current struggles with an unparalleled migration, a notion of progress fueled by corruption, crippling economic debt, and displaced poor and middle class families, whose land is being purchased by millionaires. De aquí somos Film Showcase.
6:15 PM (92 min)
Flavor of Life
A weary Latino chef (legendary Latino actor Pepe Serna, Scarface) and his estranged grandson must reconcile in order to save their beloved Mexican restaurant.
8:45 PM (104 min)
Rebeldes de Altura
Rebeldes de Altura 1.jpg
11:30 AM (110 min)
Mañana no te olvides
SDLFF 2018 Features\Manana 1_thumb.jpg
Upon the death of Roberto’s wife, somebody must take care of him due to his Alzheimer's disease. Ruth, his daughter, decides to bring him to live with her family, despite her husband Alfredo claiming there's enough trouble at home taking care of Jan, their 22 year-old son with Down syndrome. The arrival of Roberto brings both grandfather and grandson to discover they both have so many unfulfilled dreams in common, which they will accomplish together.  El Corazón Showcase.
1:50 PM (80 min)
Mona, tesoro del Caribe
SDLFF 2018 Features\Mona 1.jpg
This gorgeous documentary follows researchers studying the stunning Mona, a beautiful, distant, mythic and mysterious island, full of caves and legends, in the Caribbean. The island’s rich and textured history reveals it to be an important water supplier for explorers and in the present day a site where preservation initiatives are taking place. Aventuras Film Showcase.
3:40 PM (77 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\Cetaceos 1.jpg
Clara and Alejandro move into a new home, but soon he goes on a work trip and she stays alone, surrounded by a disarray of unpacked boxes. This mess compels her to live new experiences that will lead her to question the closed and hermetic world where she lives in. El Corazón Showcase.
5:30 PM (90 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\Zeus 1.jpg
Joel masks his mediocre life and unhealthy relationship with his mother by practicing falconry with his treasured hawk Zeus. The monotony of his life is shaken by the appearance of Ilse, a down-to-earth secretary. This new relationship leads to the unexpected loss of his hawk and as a consequence Joel has to confront some harsh realities.  Mexico Today Showcase.
7:30 PM (88 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\Inquilinos 1.jpg
Luzma and Demián (Danny Perea and Erick Elías), a young couple, have just moved to an old neighborhood, trying to leave behind an incident that torments them. Hopeful, they do their best to take this change as an opportunity to start over. Nevertheless, Luzma begins to discover that their neighbors hide terrible secrets that lead to paranormal phenomena and that will eventually force the couple to deal with their worst fears. Un mundo extraño Showcase.
10:00 PM (95 min)
Mexico Barbaro II
mexico barbaro image_thumb.jpg
In this extreme follow-up to the successful Mexico Barbaro anthology, 9 new directors explore the brutal vein of Mexican popular culture. Un Mundo Extrano.
11:00 AM (65 min)
Gigantes descalzos
SDLFF 2018 Features\gigantes 1_thumb.jpg
A look at how the sport of Basketball has shaped the lives of the children of the Triqui Region in the Mexican State of Oaxaca. The harsh mountainous terrain and various limitations within the community leaves very little hope to the youth of the land. Through the Mexican Indigenous Basketball Association and their Professor Sergio the boys and girls will find the hope that they had been lacking. Para La Familia Showcase.
12:35 PM (60 min)
Perfectly Normal For Me
SDLFF 2018 Features\Perfectly 1.jpg
Exceptional children in an after-school dance program show us a thing or two about determination, perseverance, joy and the satisfaction of really being seen -- in a world often blind to their very existence.
2:05 PM (100 min)
Punch the Clock
SDLFF 2018 Features\clock 1.jpg
In a forgotten corner of the vast Brazilian bureaucracy, a psychotic boss uses a time machine to clone his lazy employees and increase productivity.
4:15 PM (70 min)
The Way to Andina
the way to andina.jpg
When Arlen discovers his Colombian great-grandfather left behind a long-lost opera that's never been performed, he knows what he has to do... He just doesn't know how to do it. Despite having zero experience with opera, and not even speaking Spanish, he takes a leap of faith. But after promising his entire family that the 80-year-old Latin music will finally get a world premiere, is he in over his head? Ritmo Latino Film Showcase.
6:00 PM (83 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\vuelven 1_thumb.jpg
In this critically celebrated and unforgettable dark fairy tale, a young girl named Estrella wants nothing more but to have her missing mother come back. She gets her wish but not in the way she expects. As she deals with this inexplicable return, she and her friends will have to try to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war. Pantelion Presents Showcase.
8:00 PM (115 min)
SDLFF 2018 Features\Zama 1.jpg
Zama (Daniel Giménez Cacho), an officer of the Spanish Crown born in South America, waits for a letter from the King granting him a transfer from the town he is living in.. His situation is delicate and wants to  ensure that nothing gets in the way of his transfer. The years go by and the letter from the King never arrives. When Zama notices everything is lost, he joins a party of soldiers that go after a dangerous bandit. Viva Mujeres Showcase.