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CatVideoFest 2019

CatVideoFest is a compilation reel of the latest and best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions and sourced animations, music videos, and, of course, classic internet powerhouses. CatVideoFest is a joyous communal experience, only available in theaters, and raises money for cats in need through partnerships with local cat charities, animal welfare organizations, and shelters to best serve cats in the area.
Sat, Mar 2 3:00 PM5:00 PM
Sun, Mar 3 3:00 PM5:00 PM
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Cold War

Oscar-winning director of IDA, Pawel Pawlikowski returns with COLD WAR, a tale of impossible love in impossible times…
Fri, Feb 22 7:00 PM
Sat, Feb 23 2:50 PM7:00 PM
Sun, Feb 24 2:50 PM7:00 PM
Mon, Feb 25 7:00 PM
Tue, Feb 26 7:00 PM
Wed, Feb 27 7:00 PM
Thu, Feb 28 7:00 PM
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Dan Savage’s HUMP! 2019 Film Festival

The HUMP! Film Festival has been bringing audiences a new kind of porn since 2005.
Fri, Mar 1 7:00 PM9:15 PM
Sat, Mar 2 7:00 PM9:15 PM
Sun, Mar 3 7:00 PM9:15 PM
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Lords of Chaos

In 1987 Oslo, 17-year-old Euronymous becomes fixated on creating “true Norwegian black metal” with his band Mayhem. He mounts shocking publicity stunts to put the band’s name on the map, but the lines between show and reality begin to blur.
Fri, Feb 22 8:45 PM
Sat, Feb 23 4:40 PM8:45 PM
Sun, Feb 24 4:40 PM8:45 PM
Mon, Feb 25 8:45 PM
Tue, Feb 26 8:45 PM
Wed, Feb 27 8:45 PM
Thu, Feb 28 8:45 PM
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