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Elemental: Reimagining our Relationship with Wildfire
Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022 7:55 PM
Masks required in lobby and bathrooms and encouraged in theaters
Directed by Trip Jennings
Virtual Q&A with the director, Oct. 5
Fire and its devastating consequences appear almost daily in our newsfeeds. It is easy to feel powerless–but Elemental is here to suggest otherwise. A full five years in the making, we open with a concise survey of recent wildfires, from Paradise to the devastating fires of the NW in the last several years, leading to a series of questions about what we can do to mitigate fire’s damage. Fortunately, the film gives us hope as we prepare for an increasingly hotter future with smart home and community design. Narrated by David Oyelowo.

Presented by Whatcom Million Trees Project
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Official Site:https://www.elementalfilm.com/
Country of Origin:USA
Genre:DOC-Natural World