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Lost Division
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WWII chaplain who has buried one too many bodies goes AWOL in a post traumatic haze with a head-wound soldier and a shell-shocked 16mm combat cameraman. Lost Division is an atmospheric, unconventional feature length narrative film shot on super 16mm with a unique style that combines the look of 1940's film stocks with the feel of wartime combat footage. The character of the shell-shocked combat photographer who deals with his trauma by filming images with his 16mm Bell and Howell camera, will add a sort of film-within-a-film component, as his footage will be interspersed throughout. To similar effect, the Chaplain's dictated journal entries, as recorded on a 1940's wire recorder, will serve as the voice-over narration.
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This is a sponsored project of Film Action Oregon, DBA Hollywood Theatre, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.