NW Animators Showcase



Hollywood Theatre Mon, May 4, 2015 7:00 PM
Series:NW Animation Fest
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Run Time:95 Min


Monday, May 4 at 7:00pm  |  $8  |

Our indie animation scene is super-charged with creative energy in Oregon and Washington. Maybe it's the rain inspiring us to sit down and make art? Or maybe animators are just doing our quirky civic duty to help "Keep Portland Weird." Dig into the mystery with this diverse collection of shorts from across the Northwest.

Here's some of what you'll see: Oscar®-winner Joan Gratz masterfully mutates soft sculptures of the human form in a dazzling dance of bas-relief abstraction. The Seattle Experimental Art Team tells the story of a close encounter between a trapped whale and the diver who set it free, using a ladder and living wall mural as props. A young woman quests through a land governed by dream-logic, shedding the cloud of strange preoccupations that follows her, looking for an inner peace that sings with the soul of a coursing river. In a series of hilarious, micro-short interstitials, a kilt-wearing steampunk inventor turns out to be his own worst enemy in the workshop. A rock giant desperately tries to save a tiny castle city from destruction... Or not.


NW Animation Fest celebrates the best new work from independent animators around the globe. With 14 screenings and over 200 films, it's now the biggest animation festival in the USA.

This year's fest includes feature films, international short film blocks, special topic shows, and the second annual Oregon Animation Industry Showcase. See it all for only $70 with an All Festival Pass | BUY HERE.

For a complete festival schedule, visit: www.nwanimationfest.com