Foxfur: Repressed Cinema

One night only, Repressed Cinema presents Damon Packard's new motion picture FOXFUR!

In the director's words: FOXFUR is about a disturbed young girl and her travails who is gradually transformed into a female Robin Hood. It’s about things like conflicting realities, belief systems and extraterrestrials but essentially I think it’s mostly about ‘The Dead Zone,’ which is the “proposed” period we’re in now. The strange time where everything has reached a brick wall and is recycling itself, turning in circles, desperately cannibalizing itself for even a modicum of inspiration. It’s an end of the world within the end of the world, a “schism” of reality that occurred after 1982, which on Dec 21, 1982 at 11:11am is when the world really came to end. Since then we’ve been living on the residual fumes of the cosmos, diminishing more and more as the years pass. And now as reality collapses in on itself, it is being replaced. Which is why things are so polarized and convoluted; no-one knows what to think about anything and/or they are experiencing what seems like an ENTIRELY different reality. There are literally two realities now folding over each other in conflict and the new reality is a completely artificial construct.

16mm short film FACES ON MARS before the film, plus a surprise or two. Portland filmmaker Bob Moricz will be in attendance to introduce the films.

Repressed Cinema is a monthly exhibition series at the Hollywood Theater showing vintage & contemporary films that are obscure, neglected and from the fringe. Bob Moricz is curating this night, Bob runs and the Portland Underground Film Festival, and has been making films for almost thirty years.