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March (2020)
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Tuesday Mar 24th
Off the Screen Reception! North Quad Space 2435
North Quad_thumb.jpg
3:00 PM
Annual Director's Fundraiser
5:30 PM
Opening Night Party
Opening Night_thumb.jpg
6:30 PM
Opening Night Screening: Films in Competition 1
FIC 1_Zohar Dvir_We Are Future Shock 3(1)_thumb.jpg
8:15 PM
Tuesday Afterparty
10:00 PM
Wednesday Mar 25th
Juror Presentation Lynne Sachs: My Body, Your Body, Our Bodies: Somatic Cinema at Home and in the World
Lynne Sachs Wind in Our Hair_thumb.jpg
1:00 PM
Off the Screen! Salon - Film Art Forum
Film Art Forum_thumb.jpg
3:00 PM
Films in Competition 2 (FREE) - Music Videos in Competition
FIC 2 Music Videos_Steve Wood_A New Kind of Universe 2_thumb.jpg
5:00 PM
Films in Competition 3
KIDS - Still 2_thumb.jpg
7:00 PM
Special Program: Women Make Movies - Sweet Bananas and The Women’s Happy Time Commune
Special Program_ WMM Sweet Bananas Ariel Dougherty Sweet Bananas 1_thumb.jpg
7:30 PM
Films in Competition 4
FIC 4 Dirk d Bruyn Pattern Recognition 1_thumb.jpg
9:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Glow job
9:30 PM
Thursday Mar 26th
Off the Screen! Salon - Latinx Lived Realities Through New Media
lopez-ots-latinx-3 - joey lopez phd_thumb.jpg
10:30 AM
Juror Program: Interrogating The Past: the collaborative work of Lisa Steele + Kim Tomczak
Juror Presentation_ Lisa Steele The Blood Records_ written and annotated 1_thumb.jpg
1:00 PM
Off the Screen! Ann Arbor Art Center Reception
Clute_01_MudSeason - Sean Clute (1)_thumb.jpg
3:00 PM
Penny Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series presents Martha Colburn Rip it Up
5:10 PM
Films in Competition 5: Out Night
FIC 05 Chris Dainty Shannon Amen 2_thumb.jpg
7:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Camp on the Wind’s Road
Feature in Competition 2 Nataliya Kharlamova Camp on the Wind’s Road 2(1)_thumb.jpg
7:30 PM
Films in Competition 6
FIC 06 Andreas Hadjipateras Colors _ Shadows 2_thumb.jpg
9:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Why Can't I Be Me? Around You
Feature in Competition 3 Harrod Blank_Why Can_t I Be Me_ Around You 1_thumb.jpg
9:30 PM
Thursday Afterparty
10:00 PM
Friday Mar 27th
Off the Screen! Salon - Seed&Spark: Crowdfunding to Build Independence
10:30 AM
Juror Presentation: Osbert Parker: New Adventures in Animation
1:00 PM
Off the Screen! Salon - Cross Talk: Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese Art Films and Documentaries
Guo Zhen-New Moon-01 - Ruyang Wang_thumb.jpeg
3:00 PM
Films in Competition 7
FIC 7 Frederic Moffet Horsey 3 thumb.jpg
5:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Video Blues
Feature in Competition 4 Emma Tusell_Video Blues 2_thumb.png
5:30 PM
Films in Competition 8
FIC 8 Joanie Wind this one weird trick 3_thumb.jpg
7:00 PM
Special Program: Disquiet American: The Animated Collage Films of Martha Colburn
7:30 PM
Films in Competition 9: Animation
FIC 9_ Animation_Lindsay Packer_Motion At A Distance  2_thumb.png
9:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Future Language: The Dimensions of VON LMO
Feature in Competition 5 Lori Felker FUTURE LANGUAGE_ The Dimensions of VON LMO 2_thumb.jpg
9:30 PM
Friday Afterparty
Young_OTS_American Progress2 - Kit Young_thumb.jpg
10:00 PM
Saturday Mar 28th
Off the Screen! Salon - Inside Out: Film as a Medium for the Exploration of Experiences of Mental Illness
Film Art Forum 2_thumb.jpg
10:00 AM
Films in Competition 10: Almost All Ages (Ages 6+)
FIC Almost All Ages-Alex Fink A Recipe for Tofu Scramble 5_thumb.jpg
11:00 AM
Off the Screen! Workshop - Pickle Fort Film Collective presents LOOPS 2020
Kenny_OTS_asparagus - SOMETHING TELEVISION_thumb.jpg
12:00 PM
Films in Competition 11
FIC 11_Kathrin Steinbacher_In Her Boots 3_thumb.jpg
1:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Faire-part
1:30 PM
Films in Competition 12
FIC 12 Claudia Claremi Firefly 3_thumb.jpg
3:00 PM
Special Program: Women Make Movies Workshop Films: Community Women at Women Make Movies Tell Universal Cinematic Stories
3:30 PM
Special Program: Welcome to Commie High
welcome to commie high_thumb.png
5:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Home In The Woods
Feature in Competition 7 Brandon Wilson Home In The Woods 2_thumb.jpg
5:30 PM
Films in Competition 13
FIC 13 Arlin Golden_ Back Yard 1_thumb.jpg
7:00 PM
Special Program - Filming in the Dark: Early Experiments from Taiwan
Through the Years_thumb.png
7:30 PM
Films in Competition 14
FIC 14 chele isaac Three considerations before choreographing the End 3_thumb.jpg
9:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Dream Journal 2016–2019
Feature 8 Jon Rafman Dream Journal 2016-2019 2_thumb.png
9:30 PM
Saturday Afterparty
58 Logo_BlueLLama_thumb.jpg
11:00 PM
Sunday Mar 29th
Off the Screen! Salon - What the Hell Was That?
10:30 AM
Special Program: Screendance
Special Program_ Screendance_Matthieu Maunier-Rossi_TIA -This is Africa 3_thumb.jpg
12:00 PM
Feature in Competition: What We Left Unfinished
Feature in Competition 9_Mariam Ghani_What We Left Unfinished 2_thumb.jpg
12:30 PM
Special Program: Unseen Migrations
2:00 PM
Feature in Competition: Serpentarius
2:30 PM
Awards Screening 1
5:00 PM
Awards Screening 2
7:00 PM
Sunday Afterparty
Shalem_OTS_06_WorksOnWhite - marit shalem_thumb.jpg
9:00 PM
Monday Mar 30th
Tuesday Mar 31st