Until Sbornia Do Us Part


Hollywood Theatre Sun, May 10, 2015 3:30 PM
Series:NW Animation Fest
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Film Info
Run Time:92 Min
Cast & Crew
Director:Otto Guerra
Ennio Torresan


Sunday, May 10 at 3:30pm  |  $8  |

Tango music, passion, and an erupting volcano!

Sbornia is a tiny country with eccentric customs: a national game that's like rugby played with battle axes, raucous dance halls, and drinking a powerful green beverage called bizuwin. The people of Sbornia have been separated from the rest of the world for years by a great stone wall. When the wall collapses, cultures collide and the lives of two frolicky musicians change forever.

One falls madly, deliriously in love with a city girl, whom he secretly courts under the noses of her possessive parents, disguised as her piano teacher. The other struggles to save his marriage as his wife is quickly seduced by the ways of the modern world. Meanwhile, a greedy corporate tycoon schemes to make a fortune by pumping all the bizuwin out from underneath Sbornia. The film builds to an astonishing climax, with a volcano exploding, lava chasing townsfolk through the streets, and the country breaking away from the mainland, floating off into the ocean.

Hailing from Brazil, Until Sbornia Do Us Part (Até que a Sbørnia nos separe) is based on the stage play Tangos & Tragedies by Nico Gomez and Hique Nicolaiewsky, which has toured playhouses worldwide for the past 25 years. (Portuguese with English subtitles.)


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