The Age of Consequences


Film Info
Director:Jared P. Scott
Year of Production:2016
Premiere Status:San Francisco Premiere
Topic:Climate Change
First 100 Days
Running Time:80 min.


Distinguished military insiders take us beyond the headlines of the conflict in Syria, the Arab Spring, the rise of radicalized groups, and the European refugee crisis to lay bare how climate change interacts with societal tensions, sparking conflict. Climate change now has consequences for U.S. national security and global stability.

Community Partner: Citizen's Climate Lobby

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Additional Information

Jared P ScottJared P. Scott is an award-winning writer, director and producer. He recently directed a film on the concentration of wealth and power starring Noam Chomsky, Requiem for the American Dream (2015). His film The Age of Consequences has garnered festival acclaim worldwide and screened for audiences on Capitol Hill, NATO, UK Parliament, EU Parliament and Australian Defense Force.