Plain Talk: Films by Jon Jost & Pam Minty

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Hollywood TheatreFri, Dec 8, 2017 7:00 PM Event Date Passed


Plain Talk: Films by Jon Jost & Pam Minty

HIGH LAKES by Pam Minty (20 min)

High Lakes combines staged scenes along with observational documentary recordings of summer
housekeeping work at a lakeside resort in the Oregon Cascades. The film’s voice-over sound
track includes interviews with family, friends and colleagues discussing their own past work
experiences. These voices are accompanied by personal reflections of Minty’s time working in
resort housekeeping, and raises questions about precarious work, both its place in the economy,
and what it means for the future of work. This film was funded in part through the Oregon Media
Fellowship and the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Plain Talk is a complex essay-film, a follow-up a decade and some years later to Speaking Directly,
and so another State of the Nation discourse, made for Britain's Channel Four in the year 1986-87.
The work involved extensive travel around the United States, and poses an examination of just what
America is/was, or what do we mean when we speak of it. Done in a series of radically different
sections which collide with each other in a manner intended to provoke thinking, Plain Talk, which
was made by an American and intended for American viewers, was indeed broadcast in Britain, but
somewhat predictably, not in the USA.