The Regeneration Secret


Showing In

Dirt Rich
Cowell Theatre Sun, Sep 9, 2018 12:00 PM

Marcy Cravat, USA. Exploring carbon 'draw down' as a viable solution for reversing the effects of runaway global warming - while growing soil, our most precious resource.

Film Info
Director:Finian Makepeace and Taliesin Black-Brown
Year of Production:2018
Topic:Climate Action
Healthy Food Systems
Running Time:10 min.


The Regeneration Secret takes us into the field to see the difference in how cows can cause degeneration or regeneration, all depending on how we manage them. A media project by Kiss the Ground.

Expected Guest: Finian Makepeace, Co-founder, Kiss the Ground

Finian MakepeaceCo-Founder of Kiss the Ground, Finian Makepeace is a recording artist, activist and self-taught soil advocate whose passion for changing the world brought him to study political science at UCLA. He strives to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place for humans and all of nature. Finian resides in Venice, loves to make music, build gardens and bring people together for common causes.

Taliesin Black-BrownWhether Taliesin Black-Brown is free-diving in the ocean with a go-pro or flying in the sky with a drone, he uses his lens to share the beauty of our world. Taliesin is passionate about telling stories through photography and videography.