Take It Or Leave It

Foreign Title: Vota Voi Jata


Maryland Hall Main Theater Fri, Mar 22, 2019 3:00 PM
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Film Info
Section:Feature Narrative
Film Type:Feature
Production Country:Estonia
Subtitles:English Subtitles
Director:Liina Trishkina
Produced By:Ivo Felt
Screenwriter:Liina Trishkina
Cinematographer/DP:Erik Pollumaa
Editing By:Tambet Tasuja
Music By:Sten Sheripov
Cast:Reimo Sagor
Liis Lass


One sleepy Saturday morning, 30-year-old construction worker Erik gets some earth shattering news: his ex-girlfriend Moonika, who he hasn’t even seen for the past six months, is about to go into labor. But she is not ready for motherhood, and wants to put the little girl up for adoption. Although Erik is also reticent of the responsibilities of parenting, he has an instant bond with the infant. He’s given a short deadline to make an important decision in this Estonian take on Kramer vs. Kramer. (Estonia, 2018, 102 min., Drama, subtitles)