Roger Corman Master Class: TARGETS (1968) with special guest Peter Bogdanovich



Digital Screen Room Sat, Dec 12, 2020 7:00 PM
Digital Screen Room Tue, Jan 12 7:00 PM


This event is part of the Roger Corman Master Class. Learn more about the other events in the series. Package discounts available.

This 4-week study of Corman's career will be hosted by Hollywood Theatre head programmer Dan Halsted. Each installment will focus on a different film produced in Corman's "factory" and will explore different facets of Corman's career. This installment is on TARGETS (1968).

We can't provide the films themselves, but all are easily rentable on major streaming platforms. The classes will be streamed via Vimeo, and attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions for Dan and our guests via chat. (If you want to participate in the chat via mobile, you will need to download the Vimeo app.)

Please contact if you have questions about accessibility.

TARGETS (1968): Roger Corman is well known for his "two movies for the price of one" approach to filmmaking. Once the cast and crew were on location, he'd direct the primary film. Then he'd have one of his young proteges make a secondary film, shooting new scenes with the actors, and incorporating footage from the primary film.

TARGETS is the best example of a "secondary" movie, in which an unhinged Vietnam vet suddenly goes on a brutal shooting spree that culminates at a drive-in movie theater, where a horror film icon (Boris Karloff) is making a promotional appearance. Director Peter Bogdanovich joins us for the discussion.

About Peter Bogdanovich: Peter Bogdanovich started as a film journalist before working for Roger Corman. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director for THE LAST PICTURE SHOW in 1971, and won the Golden Globe for Best Director for PAPER MOON in 1973. He's also an actor and a noted film historian, and has published in-depth interviews he conducted with such heralded classic filmmakers as Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, and John Ford.